Kazakh President, Croatian Prime Minister discuss closer partnership


Kazakh President, Croatian Prime Minister discuss closer partnershipPresident of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with Prime Minister of Croatia Zoran Milanović in the Akorda presidential residence today, the president’s press service reports.

At the meeting the sides mainly focused on the issues of closer cooperation between Kazakhstan and Croatia in commercial, economic, investment and energy spheres and touched upon the pressing topics of international agenda.

President Nazarbayev praised friendly relations with Croatia.

“I’ve visited Croatia on several occasions in order to establish effective bilateral economic ties, since there are no obstacles to that between our countries. Besides, I’ve given specific instructions regarding cooperation with Croatian companies that intent to operate in Kazakhstan,” the Kazakh leader said.

The Croatian Prime Minister, in turn, commended growing dynamics of Kazakh-Croatian cooperation that positively affects key spheres of relations.


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Croatia has good potential for cooperation in military-industrial complex sphere


Croatia has a good potential for cooperation in the sphere military-industrial complex, Deputy Head of the national economic chamber “Atameken Union” Rakhim Oshakbayev told in the interview within the Kazakh-Croatian business forum.

“Besides tourism Croatia has a good potential in the military-industrial complex sphere,” R. Oshakbayev said.

According to him, Kazakhstan, in turn, has a great potential to increase export of agricultural products to Croatia.

“We are also interested in the experience of Croatia in development of the tourist sphere. Croatia is a recognized tourist country,” R. Oshakbayev added.


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Kazakhstan and Croatia plan to implement project in shipbuilding sphere


As a result of the Kazakh-Croatian business forum, a number of documents have been signed.

In particular, “KAZNEX INVEST” JSC signed memorandums on mutual understanding with Croatian companies on implementation of a project in the sphere of machine building and a project in the shipbuilding sphere.

Besides, one memorandum was signed on implementation of a project in the food production sphere.


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Massimov: Kazakhstan to gain access to Balkans, EU markets via Croatia


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has urged Croatian businessmen to invest into Kazakhstani economy.

“Today we’ve held meaningful talks and discussed ways to step up our cooperation with Croatian companies. Hopefully, our cooperation with Croatian business circles will help us gain access to the Balkans and EU markets,” Prime Minister Massimov said after the bilateral talks with his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanović in Astana.

Karim Massimov went on to note that both Kazakhstan and Croatia are keen to establish closer trade and economic cooperation.

“We’ve invited Croatian companies to do business in Kazakhstan, since it plays a role of the hub in the Eurasian region,” the head of the Kazakh Government added.


* * *

Prime Minister of Croatia impressed with achievements of Kazakhstan


The achievements of Kazakhstan are impressive, Prime Minister of Croatia Zoran Milanovic told.

“I visited Kazakhstan 20 years ago, and now I see impressive achievements. Your way to success is different from the others. We can clearly see definite directions of development under the leadership of your president. This success was earned by every citizen’s hard work,” Z. Milanovic told at the Kazakh-Croatian business forum in Astana.

“We feel humbled when see the success of Kazakhstan. Croatia is in the middle of Europe and we are ready to cooperate and exchange investments,” the Croatian Prime Minister added.


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Kazakhstan and Croatia to establish joint Business Council


A number of documents have been signed at the Kazakh-Croatian business forum.

In particular, an agreement on establishment of the Business Council called “Kazakhstan-Croatia” and a memorandum on cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

About 80 Croatian businessmen representing a wide range of economy sectors of the country took part in the business forum. Besides, about 200 entrepreneurs are participating in the forum from Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that the inflow of direct foreign investments from Croatia to Kazakhstan made USD 6.4 mln from 2005 through 2014.


* * *

Croatian business can be part of Kazakhstan success


Kazakhstan is open for business, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov told at the Kazakh-Croatian business forum in Astana.

“Kazakhstan is open for business. Kazakhstan is the best country in Asia for doing business. We have built a strong platform for growth. The growth of the economy of Kazakhstan has been doubled over the recent years,” K. Massimov said.

Besides, the Head of the Government of Kazakhstan noted that the economy of Kazakhstan was one of the dynamically developing economies of the world.

“As a result, we are now a more competitive economy. We are determined to create the necessary atmosphere for investments and we want you to be a part of our success story. We want to do business with you and benefit from it together,” the Prime Minister added.


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Croatia keen to establish closer economic cooperation with Kazakhstan – Prime Minister Zoran Milanović


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has met with his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanović in Astana today.

“It’s a great honor and privilege to be here in Kazakhstan,” the Croatian Prime Minister said of his first visit to the Central Asian republic. “My colleagues from the diplomatic service often recall their stay in Kazakhstan and say they have been hugely impressed by the country.”

Zoran Milanović also welcomed the fact that Croatia and Kazakhstan intend to establish closer economic cooperation.

“Currently the two-way trade is low and we want to bring it to a higher level,” the Croatian official stressed.

As for the Kazakhstan-Croatia Business Forum scheduled to be held in Astana later in the day, Prime Minister Milanović called it ‘a good way to start friendly and long-term relations’.


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Croatia calls Kazakhstani business to cooperate


Croatia calls businessmen of Kazakhstan to cooperate and invest in each other’s projects, Prime Minister of the country Zoran Milanovic told.

“We invite you to come to our country to do business,” Z. Milanovic told during the Kazakh-Croatian business forum in Astana.

He specified that the economy of Croatia was one of the key economies in the European Union. “We have managed to establish the middle class living standards all over the country. There were hard times but we put them behind already,” the Prime Minister said.

“Our export is growing and now we are competing on the markets. We are open in terms of investments,” Z. Milanovic noted.

He also named the sphere of interest for cooperation with Kazakhstan.

“When people talk about Croatia they mean a tourist country, but we also have well developed processing industry, vessel building sector,” he added.