Full-Face and “Profile”

Some media are wide open to publishing any unverified information based on the words of Rakhat Aliev

Talgat ORMANBEKOV, Liter, May 20

The management of the Profile, an Austrian journal, acknowledged that in the preparation of their editorial materials the main principles of journalism – objectivity and impartiality – have been neglected.

On May 11 this journal published an article, in a rather biased way, about Mukhtar Aliev’s visit to the Kazakhstan Embassy in Austria being allegedly involuntary. The representatives of our diplomatic mission have supplied facts to the editorial board, demonstrating that the journal published inaccurate information. According to lawyer Wilhelm Klade, who represents the interests of the Embassy, the Kazakh party has all the reasons to affirm the opposite. First, the general prosecutor office of Vienna was notified about that fact as soon as Rakhat Aliev’s father, Mukhtar, has arrived to the Embassy. Moreover, the Austrian law enforcement bodies did not just take note of our mission’s information, but also decided to verify it themselves. On the same day the police got evidence of the fact that no one is abridging the freedom of Mukhtar Aliev, and that his visit to the Embassy was of a voluntary nature. Second, taking account of Aliev’s age and of the fact that he had recently had a surgery, the Embassy officers have summoned doctors in order to subject Aliev to medical examination. The doctor has confirmed the good physical and mental condition of the patient. This fact is confirmed by a special certificate.

Besides, after Mukhtar Aliev has told how outrageously he was treated by his own son, it was our diplomats who arranged for Mukhtar Aliev a telephone conversation with his daughter, Gulshat Khorani, a resident of the UK. And after she had agreed to take her father away (and thereby, to save him from Rakhat Aliev’s wrath), a meeting was arranged for them on the Embassy territory. During their private conversation the father and the daughter have come to the conclusion that they were not in danger, and decided to calmly leave our diplomatic mission.

Still, the Profile ignored all these facts and prepared a publication based on the allegations of Rakhat Aliev, who was convicted in his home country under criminal charges, adding up to a penalty of 40 years of liberty deprivation. Thus, the fake about Mukhtar Aliev allegedly being kidnapped by the Kazakh diplomats, came into the world.

Incidentally, this fact was overturned by Academician Aliev’s own letter where he has set out in detail the reasons that made him run for cover to the Kazakh Embassy.

Meanwhile, lawyer Wilhelm Klade has recently made his complaints to the media in relation to the unverified material. The management of the Profile journal acknowledged that in the preparation of the article the official, documented information was ignored, which is usually a very rare occurrence in the Western media. However, there obviously are exceptions from the rules, especially when someone wealthy and foolish really wants it to be that way.