GOVERNMENT: Kazakhstan improves public procurement sphere, renders assistance in hiring


GOVERNMENT: Kazakhstan improves public procurement sphere, renders assistance in hiringThe unemployment level in Kazakhstan is lower than in the European Union. The competition among suppliers of goods, works and services in the public procurement sector is growing. More than 320 thousand people of Kazakhstan will be eligible for the state support when employed in 2015.

The Government submitted a report on execution of the budget in 2014 to the Parliament. Minister of Finance Bakhyt Sultanov noted in his report that despite all the external the budget was balanced. The income equaled 6 trillion tenge and the expenditures made 7.1 trillion tenge. Although, the economic growth slowed down significantly in the second half of 2014, the tax income in the half was higher by 310 million tenge than in the same period of 2013.

B. Sultanov emphasized that the number of violations in the public procurement sphere reduced by 28% in 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, new amendments were made to the law on public procurement. The number of suppliers of goods, works and services increased by 14% and made 183 thousand potential suppliers. This means increasing competition and the saved budget money.

Deputy Minister of Healthcare and Social Development Daulet Argandykov informed at the CCS media briefing that it was planned to embrace more than 320 thousand people of Kazakhstan with the state support measures in terms of employment. This also makes 27% of all unemployed people. “The support measures will be provided within “Nurly Zhol”, “Business Road Map-2020″, program on regions development and others,” the deputy minister said.

As he noted, the level of unemployment in Kazakhstan is two times lower than in the European Union. The deputy minister also informed that KZT 37.3 billion would be allocated for further implementation of the Employment Road Map-2020 Program. 13.8 billion will be allocated for implementation of the first direction of the program. 520 facilities will be repaired and 30 facilities constructed within the first direction. It will help to employ about 4 thousand people.

More than 10 billion tenge is provided for extending micro loans to 3.3 self-employed and unemployed people within the second direction of the program. Over one thousand people will be sent to professional development courses within the third direction of the program.

The Government approved an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency on establishment of the bank of low-enriched uranium in the territory of Kazakhstan. Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik will sign the agreement.

The National Bank of Kazakhstan published the information about the situation on the financial market of the country. The inflation rate made 0.1% in April of 2015. In the period from January-April, the inflation rate made 1.2%.

As of the end of April, the net reserves of the National Bank made 28 billion US dollars. The total international reserves of the countries including foreign currency assets of the National Bank made 98.7 billion US dollars.

The exchange rate of the national currency – tenge dropped 0.1% in April.

The total volume of deposits of residents of the country equaled 11 285.0 billion tenge. The deposit accounts of legal entities made 7 023.6 billion tenge and 4 261.4 billion tenge of individuals.

The monitoring of enterprises in order to assess the situation in the real sector of the economy was held in the first quarter of the year. The number of enterprises involved in the monitoring process and representing the main sectors of the economy of the country made 2782 and 1636 of them are big and medium-sized companies.