Steppe Eagle 2015 military exercise kicks off in Kazakhstan


Steppe Eagle 2015 military exercise kicks off in KazakhstanToday “Steppe Eagle 2015” international peacekeeping maneuvers has started in the Ile Military Training complex in the southern Almaty region.

The opening ceremony was attended by about 100 soldiers of the United States and Great Britain, as well as representatives of “KAZBRIG” peacekeeping brigade of Airmobile Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, the press service of the Ministry of Defense informs.

A welcoming speech was made by airmobile forces commander Major General Daulet Ospanov. In addition, the exercise participants have been welcomed by the US military attaché Colonel Andrew Berrier and the UK representative, Major Benjamin Salt.

The first phase of the exercises will be held from 6 to 17 April, and the second – in the period from 15 to 26 June.

The exercises are aimed at training Central Asian peacekeeping troops to maintain order and at checking their capability to perform tasks within multinational forces with joined command.