Nazarbayev agrees to participate in early presidential election in Kazakhstan

Mar 11. Trend

By Elena Kosolapova

Nazarbayev agrees to participate in early presidential election in KazakhstanCurrent Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev agreed to run for the early presidential election on April 26, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported.

“My decree on holding election on April 26 was a response to the initiative of the people…I want to thank those who put forward such an initiative. We are facing new and very serious issues. Based on our success, we have to move forward, that is why I came here and speak to you. I agree with you about my nomination with just one purpose, to set new aims,” Nazarbayev said, speaking at the meeting of the Nur Otan party.

Earlier academician Kenzhegali Sagadiyev proposed to nominate Nazarbayev’s candidacy for early presidential elections in Kazakhstan.

“We have to nominate Nursultan Nazarbayev on behalf of the party and obtain his consent. Nazarbayev is the only worthy candidate,” Sagadiyev said at the meeting of the Nur Otan party.

The early presidential election was proposed by the Council of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan. Major political parties, including the ruling party Nur Otan, the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Ak Zhol and Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan supported the initiative.

Both houses of the national parliament – Senate and Majilis – requested President Nursultan Nazarbayev to call an early presidential election. The country’s Constitutional Council has not found legislative restrictions for setting the date of an early election by the president.

Nazarbayev scheduled the early presidential election for April 26.

Kazakh president is elected by the citizens of age of the republic on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot for a term of five years, according to the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

The candidate must be a Kazakh citizen by birth not younger than 40 years old, fluent in the state language and who has lived in Kazakhstan for the recent 15 years may be elected president of Kazakhstan.

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Nazarbayev outlined conditions for constitutional reform

Mar 11. Kazpravda

By Xenia Voronina

In particular, it is necessary to introduce civil budgeting.

Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined 5 conditions for constitutional reform involving redistribution of power in Kazakhstan, reports.

“Gradually, a constitutional reform must be carried out, providing for the redistribution of power from the President to the Parliament and the Government,” – he said at XVI Congress of the Party “Nur Otan”.

“First, we need to continue liberalization. To do that we need to expand the reporting practices of government agencies. To do this the local mayors should announce the results of their work through the Internet twice a year. Second, to ensure the transparency of decisions for all to see, nothing to hide. Through the mechanism of an open government, the citizens must be actively involved in decision-making at all levels of government agencies, especially in the regions. The law on access to public information which should be developed and adopted will be the ground for this”.

In this regard, the President said, it is important to strengthen the role of community councils at state bodies and structures.

“Third, it is necessary to introduce civil budgeting. It is about the participation of civil society in distribution of budget funds, particularly in the regions. Fourth, it is important to strengthen the system of appeal. The law should expand the opportunities for citizens to appeal against the acts of civil servants,” – said Nazarbayev.

Fifth condition is to ensure the widespread introduction of self-regulation in society: “It is therefore necessary to reduce gradually the scope of responsibility of state agencies, delegating the powers related to provision of socially important public services to the institutions of civil society when they are ready”, – concluded the President.

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Pensions and social benefits will not be reduced in Kazakhstan – President

Mar 11. Kazpravda

President instructed to keep the economic results achieved since independence.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has promised to maintain the level of pensions and social benefits, informed.

“Currently, the situation is complicated in the world. The collapse of prices at the world market of energy and metals sharply increased the economic risks, decreased revenues to our budget on the main indicators of sales of oil and gas, metals. All states, not only we do experience the geopolitical and economic challenges. The new economic policy “Nurly Jol” has become our response to the economic challenges. This program has already started working. We will continue to keep pensions and social benefits at the same level “, – said the Head of State at the XVI Congress of the Party Nur Otan.

During the years of independence, he recalled, Kazakhstan has come a long way. “If to compare with other countries, our country has entered the top 50 most competitive countries of the world. We have done it together. Gross Domestic Product grew by 20 times. Last year it amounted to 13 thousand dollars per capita. Today we are working to achieve the main goal – implementation of the “Strategy 2050″ and our desire to be among 30 most developed countries. Over the past 4 years all the objectives have been achieved. The first five-year plan of innovation and industrial program has completed. Kazakhstan started the social modernization. Since 2010, people’s income increased by 43%,”- said Nazarbayev.

President thanked all those who trust him and support his candidacy for the upcoming elections, “I want to thank those who offered this initiative and I am deeply grateful to all Kazakhstanis.”–president

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Nazarbayev on legalization: no more chance to hide anything overseas

Mar 11. Kazpravda

By Batyrbek Agimbetov

President reminded that in 2017, universal income declaration comes into effect in Kazakhstan.

There’s practically no chance of concealing property and capital overseas, Nursultan Nazarbayev told Nur Otan party’s Congress in Astana, adding that the legalization in Kazakhstan is the last opportunity to legalize what has been in the shadow, correspondent reports.

“In two years, declaration of income and expenses of all the 17.5 million people will be in force. That’s when difficult questions will arise. Firstly, you all see, there’s no more chance of concealing anything overseas. Recently, the Bank of England published the list of 100 000 people from around the world who keep their money there, “- Nazarbayev said.

Businesses must be outreached on the need to legalize the funds, he told the deputy chairman of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Rahim Oshakbaev.

– In previous legalization campaigns no one was punished, or checked. Once again, I guarantee it. Bring the money to Kazakhstan to work for the country, Nazarbayev urged.

– Other countries are not home to us, and we are not welcome there, he emphasized.