Kazakhstan UN Development Assistance Framework summarized within UN Day


Rassul Bakhamov

Kazakhstan UN Development Assistance Framework summarized within UN DayOctober 24 is the United Nations Day. Within the framework of the events dedicated to this date the Kazakh MFA has held a roundtable with participation of representatives of the Kazakh state bodies, diplomatic corps and UN organizations accredited in Kazakhstan on Friday.

The joint sitting was dedicated to summarizing results of the Kazakhstan United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2005-2009 and the Framework for 2010-2015 was reviewed.

Delivering a speech, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kairat Umarov noted that the UN Day can be considered a common holiday.

The UN, the activity of which covers different spheres, plays very important role in international processes, in prevention of contemporary conflicts, maintaining peace and security in different regions.

As K.Umarov announced, Kazakhstan maintains close cooperation with the UN from the first days of independence. Many international initiatives of Kazakhstan were voiced from the UN tribune: convocation of the CICA, Program on Semipalatinsk Region Rehabilitation, proclamation of 2010 as the International Year of world cultures convergence and etc.

Resident coordinator of the UN in Kazakhstan Haolyan Shu noted that the UN activity in Kazakhstan meets the national priorities of the republic. In the course of the UNDAF work over USD 58 mln was spent during 2005-2009. 

The UN representatives, UNDAF coordinators noted that the Framework program can be considered as well implemented one.

The events were carried out taking into account strategic goals, which were set by the UNDAF (development of the policy aimed at the poor protection and poverty reduction; improving the quality of life; creation and maintenance of favorable conditions for democratic management and citizens’ involvement in the national development).

The sitting participants agreed that the UN activity in Kazakhstan meets the goals set and national priorities. At the same time, it was concluded that Kazakhstan reached significant progress in implementation of the national goals and development priorities.

“The Kazakh Government and the UN institutions tuned up productive cooperation and coordination. The Kazakh state bodies and departments, local bodies of the power highly appreciate the work on providing technical assistance and international experience”, UN Coordination Officer Dina Khassenova said.