‘Kazakhstan – the center of Eurasia’ book presented in Rome


‘Kazakhstan – the center of Eurasia’ book presented in Rome

“Kazakhstan – the center of Eurasia” book has been presented in Rome as part of a major Italian Book Fair “Più Libri Più Liberi” (More books, more freedom).

The book is published in Italian. The event was organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Italy together with the publishing house “Sandro Teti Editore”. The presentation was timed to the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan and the 23rd anniversary of the country’s independence.

An Italian analyst and expert in geopolitics Fabio Indeo is the author of the book, the preface to the book was written by a professor of history and culture in Venice University Ca ‘Foscari Aldo Ferrari, whose name is well known and well respected in the scientific and expert circles of Italy. The book was published by one of the largest publishing houses in Italy “Sandro Teti Editore”, specializing in the production of books on the history, culture, literature, and philology.

Fabio Indeo emphasized that today that Kazakhstan plays a crucial role in economic, political and energy spheres on the territory of the former Soviet Union and Central Asia.

The presentation of the book was attended by public figures, scientists, experts, professors and students of Rome universities, the Italian media representatives and major book publishers.