Kazakh Yeli monument to become one of Astana’s main sights – Chief Architect of Astana Master Plan


Rassul Bakhamov

Kazakh Yeli monument to become one of Astana's main sights - Chief Architect of Astana Master PlanMemorials and monuments erected by modern national authors symbolize important stages of development way of independent Kazakhstan. On the occasion of the upcoming inauguration of the Kazakh Yeli monument Kazinform correspondent met with Chief Architect of the Astana Master Plan state venture Bakhtybai Taitaliyev and asked him to comment on this event.

“Any independent country, which has short  history, should have own significant dates and symbols. Monuments and memorials should play important role for Astana, which is becoming more beautiful and graceful day by day.  Kazakh Yeli architectural and sculptural complex should become one of such monuments”, B.Taitaliyev said.

From the beginning the authors set a task to create a monument emboding Kazakhstan’s independence. The important thing was to comply with the scale and creative side of the complex in order not to hide those images and events which should show the country’s way to  sovereignty, features of the nation’s mentality and path to the future for all nation.

The authors decided to create a multifigure sculptural ensemble, which is divided into four bas-reliefs. As B.Taitaliyev noted, each of them brings its sense and idea and is aimed at demonstration of different brinks and occurrences of our history.

One of the brightest elements is “The First President and people” composition, where the First President of the country as Kazakhs’ independence symbol swears in to the people and the country. In the central part of “Zhassampazdyk” (“Creativeness”) there are images of of a Man-Creator represented by  metallurgist and oiler,  engineer and grain grower, builder and cosmonaut.

The monument reflects the country’s future. “Bolashak” (“Future”) bas-relief demonstrates youth spirit  striving for achieving the Kazakhstani dream.

Erection of a newly married couple on the other part of the “Bolashak” bas-relief was an unexpected decision of architects. We can not meet often monuments and memorials, which are addressed to the value of marriage and family.

“We will leave to our descendants not only dwellings and administrative buildings, plants and cultural facilities. Monuments and memorials are a tribute to the history and a message to the future generation of Kazakhstanis. Hopefully, the Kazakh Yeli monument will become one of the main sights of Astana”, Bakhtybai Taitaliyev noted.


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Kazakh Yeli monument reflects key historical milestones of Kazakh statehood


As earlier reported a new Kazakh Yeli monument will be inaugurated in Astana tomorrow. In accordance with the project, four multi-figure bronze relief compositions of 6.5 m height have been fixed. The composition also includes statuary consisting of a central figure of 5.5 height and 11 bronze statues (3.75 m height each) surrounding it.

Bas-reliefs Zhassampazdyk (Creativeness), Kaharmadyk (Bravery), Bolashak (Future) and President and the people of Kazakhstan symbolizing major moral priorities and key historical milestones of the Kazakh statehood are united with a single rhythm. An old couple and a young one with a child express commonness of feelings and thoughts, connection of generations, succession of the previous and new capital cities.

The sculptures were erected around a statue of Mother. The statuary reflects Kazakh world in whole: mother and child, an old man blessing them, a woman in national costume, a young married couple, a girl letting a bird fly, a sportsman, a man with a child, a young girl with flowers in hand, a student and a kuyshi. All figures are closely connected with gestures and glances embodying indissoluble unity of the people of Kazakhstan.