Kazakhstan improved annual visa restriction index

July 30. Kazpravda

By Asel Esetova

Kazakhstan improved annual visa restriction indexTo nationals of Kazakhstan, Oman, Colombia and Tanzania entry to 66 countries is visa-free.

Kazakhstan has improved its position in the annual Visa Restrictions Index to 64th position, according to Novosti-Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan shares this ranking with Oman, Colombia and Tanzania – the countries whose citizens have visa-free entry to 66 countries. Cf., in 2013 Kazakhstan nationals had visa-free entry to 61 countries of the world.

Russian citizens (38th line in the rating) are allowed visa-free entry to over 100 countries, the citizens of Ukraine (53rd line) – to 79 countries, Belarus (67th line) – 63 countries, Kyrgyzstan (70th line) – 58 countries and China (83rd place) – 45 countries.

Leading in the ranking are Finland, Sweden, Germany, the U.S. and UK, whose nationals are allowed visa-free entry to 174 countries. Least free in their movement are the citizens of Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Visa Restriction Index is made by Henley & Partners consultancy.