Kazakhstan: Latest information on Visa-free visits

July 08. eTurboNews

Kazakhstan: Latest information on Visa-free visitsIn accordance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, amendments and additions to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 21, 2012 №148 citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, the Italian Republic, Malaysia, the Netherlands , United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Japan are exempt from visa requirements for visits up to fifteen calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border between July 15, 2014 to July 15, 2015.

Registration of citizens of these countries is carried out by the Border Service of the National Security Committee through affixing date stamp in the “registration” migration card. Should the citizens of these countries want to remain on the territory of Kazakhstan for more than fifteen calendar days due to the business requirements of the negotiations or contracting the potential partner, they must submit an application for “business” visa to the migration police which, in the manner prescribed by law, will issue a “business” visa for a period of up to thirty calendar days with simultaneous extension of alien registration.

Visitors’ change of temporary residence is processed within five calendar days by the internal affairs administration. When you change a temporary residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the host entity or individual must notify in writing the bodies of internal affairs within three days.

If during their stay on the territory of Kazakhstan a citizen of the above countries wishes to implement joint investment project, then his business partner will need to submit the draft business plan to the Committee on Investments of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Should the Committee on Investments confirm the status of the investor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan will issue in accordance with legislation single-entry visa with the category of “investor” for up to ninety days and, if necessary, multiple-entry visa for up to three years.

Visitors to the Republic of Kazakhstan with “Investor” visas or confirming the status of “investor” from the competent authority (for countries with visa-free stay) are exempt from passports registration.

During their stay in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan citizens of these countries may not engage in missionary work, as well as other paid activities in accordance with the laws of the country.