KADEX-2014 International exhibition has opened

May 23. Kazpravda


KADEX-2014 International exhibition has openedThe 3rd International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment KADEX 2014 has opened in Astana.

At first the gusts were shown Kazakhstan forces’ military hardware: modern tanks that can even waltz, EU -145 Eurocopter, produced in Kazakhstan; tactical actions were demonstrated of the Special Forces in interaction with the aviation destroying illegal combat formations.

The T-72 tanks that waltzed underwent major upgrades at the Kazakhstan Engineering national company. Modern digital communications were installed.

The BMP -2 vehicle for transporting of infantry and fire support was also upgraded at the Kazakhstan Engineering NC. On them, as well as on the BTR-80 amphibious tracked armored vehicle, modern digital communication and navigation were installed, also infrared imaging system.

The highlight of the exhibition was the air show, in which Mi-24 helicopter performed aerobatic stunts. Aerobatic team Zhetysu was stunt-flying on the Su -27 and Alatau team- on the MiG -29. Six multi-purpose highly maneuverable, all-weather heavy-class fighters Su-27 flew by in a “Pyramid” order. The Russian aircraft corporation MiG, manufacturing lightweight fighters, showcased the MiG -35 jets.

This year 300 companies from 27 countries take part in the exhibition, more than ninety of which are Kazakhstan’s domestic defense industry enterprises.

At noon a meeting was held of the CSTO member-states’ vice-ministers in charge of the defense-industrial complex. The Kazakh DM held a series of bilateral meetings. Later today, a scientific- technical conference will take place, a meeting of the Business Council of the CSTO Intergovernmental Commission on military-economic cooperation and other bilateral meetings. On Saturday and Sunday the exhibition will be open to all.