Macedonia is visa-free for Kazakhstan

May 19. Tengrinews

Macedonia is visa-free for KazakhstanMacedonia has granted visa-free travel to Kazakhstani citizens for one year, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

“This year, the government of Macedonia, on a unilateral basis, has granted visa-free travel for Kazakhstani citizens traveling to the Republic of Macedonia for an up to three month stay for one trip in 6 months, until March 15, 2015,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry added that an agreement with Brazil on visa-free traveling was signed last year, but it is still at ratification stage. Ecuador granted a visa-free privilege to Kazakhstani citizens. Kazakhstan also reached an agreement on visa free travel with Argentina, Chile and a number of other countries. At the moment, Kazakhstani citizens can travel to over 60 countries visa-free.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan continues to work with countries that have economic, trade and investment ties with Kazakhstan to mutually simplify the visa regime,” the press-office of the Ministry said.

The Ministry is also involved in a temporary visa-free pilot project with 48 politically stable and economically developed countries. It is planned to grant visa-free travel to Kazakhstan to citizens of some of the 48 countries that in turn would simplify visa regime for Kazakhstanis in the summer period for visits of up to 30 days long.

At the moment, a special committee is working on the project. The list of countries includes countries of the European Union, North America, South America and several major Asian countries.