President Nazarbayev to attend military parade on May 7


President Nazarbayev to attend military parade on May 7Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev is set to attend a military parade dated to the Defender of the Motherland Day and events on the occasion of celebration of the 9th of May, the Akorda press service says.

“The military parade dated to the Defender of the Motherland Day will be held in Astana on May 7. On May 9, President Nazarbayev will participate in the events dedicated to the celebration of the Victory Day,” the statement reads.

In addition, the Akorda Presidential Residence will host an awarding ceremony of state awards on May 6.

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84 military service women to take part in the metropolitan parade on Fatherland Defenders Day


On May 7, Military parade of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan is taking place on Kazakh Eli square. It is to involve 2 500 soldiers and officers, and over 200 military equipment units. This information was shared with by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the republic of Kazakhstan.

Military service women are going to take part in this parade not for the first time. This year 84 military service women will be engaged in this parade. According to the head of the encampment office colonel Kasymseit Umirbekov, special shortlisting was performed for them, considering parameters of calisthenics and moral and psychological spirit.

According to the sergeant major of the Air cavalry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Elena Torgashina, selection was really complex. But in spite of it, this year shes taking part in the parade for the second time. The important factor is that the girl pays great attention to calisthenics: she has close fight skills, goes skiing and is engaged in multisport competitions.

As was previously noted, this parade differs from the preceding ones, for it is of a technological character. The focus will be laid on demonstration of new and modern examples of warfare equipment and military hardware of the Kazakhstani army. Guests of the parade will see the true value of all achievements and opportunities of military hardware in the inventory of our country at the present time.

According to Kaidar Karakulov, senior for preparation of the Military parade, at this stage they are working out cohesiveness of subdivisions, precision of passing with the orchestra. Military servicemen from all military units and garrisons of the country are preparing for the event from early morning to late evening, so that all types of forces will be involved in the parade on the holiday.