Kazakhstan’s leadership focus on innovative development – CEO LN Greentech Klara Oren


Kazakhstan's leadership focus on innovative development - CEO LN Greentech Klara OrenIn May, Astana will host the IX Congress of Innovation within the Astana Economic Forum dedicated to the second five-year period of industrialization. The event will involve both domestic and foreign authoritative experts. In anticipation of the congress we decided to interview the CEO of the Israeli clean tech-focused incubator LN Greentech Klara Oren.

– Innovative Congress is one of the key events in our country discussing issues of development and innovation. What do you expect from the upcoming forum?

– I have participated in the Innovation Congress before. Nowadays we can note a strong positive trend in the enhancement and implementation of innovations in Kazakhstan. It is high time to sum subtotals and formulate objectives for the future.

– How do you assess the level of Kazakhstan’s innovation development?

– In recent years innovation in Kazakhstan has acquired a systematic character. State support carried out on the basis of the program on Forced-industrial-innovative development under the special law by the Ministry of Industry and New

Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Baiterek” National Holding” JSC play a key role in the issue. Moreover, there has been approved the Program for development of innovation and promotion of technological modernization in Kazakhstan for 2010-2014.

National Agency for Technological Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan contributes to the country’s innovation sector. In recent years, Kazakhstan has created a special structure, the centers to ensure the transfer of innovative technologies.

It is important that the leadership of Kazakhstan “have their fingers on the pulse” of the innovative development. This is reflected in the respective programs, decrees, regulations and other initiating documents.

– What are the prospects of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Israel in innovation?

– Israel is a country attractive for such cooperation. Israel is the only country that has a free trade agreement with the United States, Canada, the EU and several Eastern European countries. This allows Israel to be a unique business bridge between different regions of the world.

Israel’s rich experience in technology commercialization can be used by business – organizations in other countries to improve the efficiency of innovative technology development.

I think that partnership of Kazakhstan and Israeli within innovation would be mutually beneficial.