Metro AG intends to present Kazakhstan’s export potential in Germany


Metro AG intends to present Kazakhstan's export potential in GermanyGerman concern Metro AG and its shopping center Galeria Kaufhof expressed interest in the presentation of Kazakhstan’s export potential in Germany.

According to the vice – president of Metro AG Michael Wiedmann, the company appreciates the constructive cooperation with Kazakhstan. At the same time they were impressed with Kazakhstan’s approach in dealing with foreign investors.

“We are ready to contribute and provide an opportunity for the presentation of Kazakhstan’s export opportunities in Germany. There have been directed an offer on providing selling space for Kazakh products in our mall Galeria Kaufhof on Alexanderplatz in Berlin”, said M.Wiedmann.

For his part, Managing Director Galeria Kaufhof shopping center in Berlin Torsten Kruse said that the six-story shopping center, with a total area of more than 6000 square meters, located in the heart of Berlin on Alexanderplatz. The company actively cooperates with foreign partners, offering them temporary area at no cost to exhibit national brand products.

“Cooperation is very beneficial to both parties. The opportunity to introduce foreign branded products will significantly improve our image among consumers. A partner country in turn is able to realize the export potential of its companies. I hope that Kazakh partners will positively respond to our offer of cooperation”, said T. Kruse.

It should be noted that Metro AG’s proposal has been received in light of the Kazakh President’s address to the nation “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050: common goal, common interests, common future”.