Marathon raising money for assistance

April 22. Kazpravda


Marathon raising money for assistanceThe III International “Almaty Marathon” has gathered about 7 000 runners.

Apart from Kazakhstanis, people from 25 neighboring states ran in it. Late last year, the Almaty competitions were included in the Association of International Marathons and races, in the AIMS calendar, and now they are on a par with major runs like Paris, New York , Boston , Amsterdam – with a set date and corresponding rules of the organization.

Over the past year, the organizers succeeded in maximally bringing the conditions of the marathon to the international rules. In particular this applies to the certification of the track itself, which should be strictly 42 kilometers 195 meters.

Ahead of the Almaty marathon, the Athletics Federation of Kazakhstan invited representatives of international associations to have the track measured and registered as complying with the AIMS rules.

Another novelty in the marathon this year is the use of easier chips. Last year, the runners were given special bracelets, which during the distance they were required to attach to special electronic device on the track to register the participation.

Chips were required this year as well, but different ones. They were attached to the back side of the runner’s number, sparing him the need for stopping to register. This was done automatically.

The organization was very good in every way -the track, catering and healthcare facilities, but there was a complaint about the lack of differentiation into age groups, as practiced in other countries.

The winner among men was Almat Imashev, last year’s victor and member of the youth national team of Kazakhstan, who has run the marathon in 2 hours 36 minutes 21 seconds and whose ambition is to reach the standard for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Zhanabek Gulzhanat Erzhankyzy won among women.

Aside from athletic, there were humanistic results of the marathon. An active participant in all the sports events in Almaty – President of «Astana Motors » Nurlan Smagulov passed an ambulance car to the Institute of Oncology, and money was raised in the marathon for treatment of two children in South Korea.