Kazakh government’s resignation due to internal and external changes

April 2. Trend. Astana

By Daniar Mukhtarov

Kazakh government’s resignation due to internal and external changesKazakh government’s resignation on Wednesday, April 2, is due to drastic changes in the external and internal situation, according to Kazakh political analyst Daniyar Ashimbayev.

“Drastic changes within the country (devaluation of national currency) and arising need to urgently intensify social policy, as well as the changes in the outside world (the situation in Ukraine) have demanded a change in the government,” Ashimbayev told Trend over telephone.

He believes that the matter here rests not in the staff changes, but in the redistribution of influence, so that the executive power’s activity will become more operative, flexible and efficient in cases of sharp internal and external changes.

“Aside from that, an excessive rivalry emerged between the president’s administration headed by Karim Massimov and Kazakh government headed by Serik Akhmetov,” Ashimbayev said.

He stressed that Karim Massimov’s candidacy previously satisfied the Kazakh president and Massimov “has beaten the record” for the duration of his service as prime minister.