Baikonur: the future is predetermined

April 01. Kazpravda. Kyzylorda oblast

By Yuri LEE

Baikonur: the future is predeterminedThe Baikonur space complex will become the center of industrial and innovative development and tourism.

The Baikonur space complex, as known, is included in the list of objects to be visited by participants of EXPO 2017 in Astana.

A glorious history of the Baikonur has been recorded for almost six decades: it was founded on the territory of the Kyzylorda region June 2, 1955 and already in 1957 the world’s first artificial satellite was launched from the cosmodrome. Five years later the legendary first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin started his flight from there. Since then Kazakhstan’s space harbor sent into the space more than four hundred cosmonauts and put into the orbit about a thousand of spacecrafts.

Over a hundred of different space vehicles, including manned spacecraft series Vostok, Voskhod and Soyuz, which today deliver international crews to the space station Mir, were tested there. And one of the space ships of reusable program Energy – Buran that cost three annual budgets of the former Soviet Union, became an exhibit in the museum of cosmonautics, which was established in the early years of the spaceport’s construction on the initiative of genius Academician Sergei Korolev.

However, the cosmodrome itself can be called a working museum. It is still the largest and most active launch sites in the world: every year dozens of rockets are put into the orbit from here and the number of manned flights also grows. There are 9 types of launch complexes consisting of 15 units, four testing launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles and 11 assembly and test facilities on 7 thousand square meters with 34 technical complexes for pre-launching of boosters and spacecrafts. In addition there is a measuring complex with a data and computer center for monitoring and controlling the flight of spacecraft and processing the telemetry information.

And recently its future has been preprogrammed. Oblast governor Krymbek Kusherbayev at the accounting meeting with the public determined the territorial development of the city Baikonur which is part of the complex, as one of the main priorities of his work. Last year, as known a “roadmap” for shared use with the Russian Federation of the Baikonur complex was adopted. A “Comprehensive plan for socioeconomic development of the town Baikonyr, settlements of Toretam and District Akai” drafted within its frames provides more than 1 billion tenge from the republican budget for its implementation.

Thereby new possibilities for creating a number of new high-tech industries will open up based on the unique infrastructure of the complex along with implementation of joint Kazakh-Russian space projects and the state program of accelerated industrial -innovative development. Such proposals in the areas of industrial development and tourism infrastructure are considered, including in the framework of the international investment forum “Baikonur” which has become already traditional in the region. There are also specific projects.

Thus, recently a Memorandum of cooperation between the Kyzylorda region and JSC NC Astana EXPO 2017, providing for the implementation of joint activities in modernization of infrastructure and transport logistics was signed. The residents of the city are happy that the preparation for the international exhibition will give a new impetus to the development of Baikonyr and surrounding villages and will generally strengthen the high tourist potential, the hallmark of which is the spaceport.