Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry puzzled over Ukraine’s diplomatic note sent to Kazakhstan

Mar 28. Tengrinews

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry puzzled over Ukraine’s diplomatic note sent to KazakhstanKazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry is puzzled at the Ukraine’s diplomatic note sent to Kazakhstan, the country’s Foreign Minister Zhanbolat Ussenov said.

“Obviously, sending the diplomatic note was driven by overt emotions, rather than common sense”, the Minister told a briefing.

He emphasized that Kazakhstan holds a balanced and realistic position on the Ukrainian crisis, adding that the country’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev had repeatedly called, including at the global nuclear security summit at the Hague, to exit the Ukranian crisis through peaceful negotiations.

“We don’t see any reasons for Ukraine to be displeased with the statements”, he said, adding that Ukraine’s temporary charge d’affaires in Kazakhstan would be once again invited to the Foreign Ministry to be offered explanations of the Kazakhstan’s official stance on the Ukrainian crisis. He also stated Kazakhstan had no intentions of answering in written.

Earlier the country’s media reported that Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry had sent a diplomatic note to Kazakhstan, expressing concerns over the statements made by President Nazarbayev at the global nuclear security summit at the Hague. The Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry believes the statements of the Kazakh president contradicted the fundamental norms of the international law, do not comply with partnership ties between the two nations, and are unacceptable for Ukraine.

March 25 at the Hague President Nazarbayev told a briefing that “Today’s task for Ukraine is to get back to the legal and legitimate field, which means holding elections. The nation should elect a legitimate president, legitimate parliament and government. Then there should be peaceful talks on how to exit the situation”.


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Kazakhstan abstains from voting on UN General Assembly resolution against secession referendum in Crimea

Mar 28. Tengrinews

Kazakhstan has abstained from voting on the UN General Assembly resolution against the secession referendum in Crimea, which was part of Ukraine but seceded from it and reunited with Russia last week, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing the UN General Assembly. The official website quotes Kairat Abdrakhmanov, Kazakhstan’s permanent representative in the UN, as saying that his country was home to Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans, Polish people, Koreans, and reps of other ethnic groups enjoying peace and accord. Kazakhstan’s Government is interested in a sovereign, stable and independent Ukraine, according to him; however, economic recovery is of paramount importance to settling the situation. “It’s important to listen to the voice of reason and consider all possible ways of settling the situation in a peaceful way”, he said.

The vote on the nonbinding resolution was 100-11, with 58 countries abstaining.

Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, and Sudan voted against the resolution.

The document urges countries not to recognize Crimea’s accession to Russia after the referendum held on March 16.

Unlike UN Security Council resolutions, those adopted by the UN General Assembly are not binding and are advisory in nature.