Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida arrive in Almaty

Mar 26. Tengrinews

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida arrive in AlmatyBritish Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas have been spotted on the slopes of Shymbulak skiing resort in the mountains near Almaty, Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

They are both experienced skiers and Almaty mountains have cold winters that make snow enjoyable to ski on until the very end of the season. Besides, Kazakhstan’s mountain slopes are still largely a virgin land for European skiers and the place has an exotic feel to it.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Miss Bonas are staying in a luxury cottage in the mountains.

Harry and Cressida first met in summer 2012, but kept their relationships secret for quite a while after that. They started appearing together only in early March, after their relationships progressed to a new level, according to the Western media. This feeds the rumours about their coming engagement. Many are hoping that the 29-y.o.Prince will propose to his 25-y.o. girlfriend while Kazakhstan. This would surely put Kazakhstan in the news headlines all over the world.

British Daily Mirror writes that Kazakhstan skiing resorts may soon become popular among Europeans. Kazakhstan is a near enough and doubtlessly exotic get away place for the Europeans tired of the Alps.