UEFA 60th anniversary exhibition opens in Astana


UEFA 60th anniversary exhibition opens in AstanaWithin the next UEFA Congress, which will be held March 27 at the Palace of Independence, a special exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of UEFA opened in Astana, the press service of the Football Federation of the country reports.

“In 2014, the League celebrates its 60th anniversary. This week, delegates of the XXXVIII UEFA Congress will have an opportunity to visit an exhibition that tells the story of the European Football Union, as well as all football in the Old World”, the statement reads.

The exhibition will perform a virtual clock with the diameter of eight meters. Its dial has 60 divisions marking the number of years passed since 1954. Each division has different pictures of UEFA tournaments. Thus, visitors will learn key information associated with the European Football Union.

The information is available in three official languages of the League: English, French and German. Some information is also available in the Russian and Kazakh languages. In addition, the exhibition will feature the flags of all 54 UEFA member associations.

It bears to remind that today Astana is hosting the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on preparations for EURO 2016.