Wish every Kazakhstan family wellbeing and Happy Nauryz, French Ambassador Francis Etienne


Wish every Kazakhstan family wellbeing and Happy Nauryz, French Ambassador Francis EtienneNauryz, the day of vernal equinox, is celebrated in the many countries of the world. It symbolizes the first day of the New Year according to the old Turkic calendar.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France to Kazakhstan Francis Etienne shared his views on the ongoing cooperation and prospects for the development of relations between the nations, meaning of cultural exchange for further strategic partnership in an interview with Kazinform Agency.

– Mr Ambassador, Kazakhstan and France have been enjoying special political, economic and cultural relationship based on strategic partnership treaty. Does the dynamics of development of cooperation between our nations over recent years meet your expectations?

– The dynamics is unquestionable, it may move forward and I will apply my energies. As I said before, it is crucial to strengthen ongoing cooperation, diversify our economic cooperation and intensify political ties. We have done a lot over the past few years. France ranks third among countries directly investing in Kazakhstan. It is the largest supplier of cement, locomotives and helicopters. We will soon put on stream assembling of satellites. Kazakhstan became the first uranium supplier to France and one of the first gas and oil importers. Our goal is to erect a pyramid with cultural-educational, economic-financial, political and human edges.

– What are the most promising avenues for Kazakh-French cooperation? What projects do you prioritize?

– It is essential to attach even more significance to industrial cooperation, develop in-plant training and widen mutual relations. We maintained relations in energy and mining industries, but there are also other fields we may tune up ties in, such as, urban services, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, for an example equipping of high-level stations.

– Kazakhstan celebrates Nauryz, the holiday included in the UNESCO Itangible Cultural heritage of Humanity list in September 2009 and declared the International Day of Nauryz. Do the people of France know about this holiday?

– They have some acquaintance with the holiday. We also celebrate the beginning of spring in the provinces across France, for example, le Printempsde Bourges Music Festival. 2014 is declared the Year of Kazakhstan in France in an effort to give another opportunity to show vitality of Nauryz, its symbols and traditions.

– Do the French companies plan to participate in EXPO 2017 in Astana? What aspects of the Future Energy exhibition provoke interest among French manufacturers?

– Astana EXPO 2017 is the largest conference and trade show and we definitely want to take part in it. We highly appreciated the Astana candidacy. We highly assess the choice made by the International Exhibitions Bureau last year. We are interested in themes ranging from architecture, city control technologies, and urban modern vehicles to water treatment, electricity, illumination, advertisement and virtual networks.

– Nauryz, is neither a religious nor a national holiday. It heralds spring and the beginning of the New Year. Do you think it may give an impetus to future rapprochement between the nations?

– All the countries enjoying cold winters look forward to spring, the rebirth of the nature. It is important to show how the people celebrate this revival. It helps prove universality of approaches no matter how fast time runs. As Honore de Balzac said, “If you would see nature beautiful and virgin as a bride, go there of a spring morning.

– What would you like to wish all Kazakhstanis on the eve of Nauryz?

– I wish every family wellbeing, prosperity. I hope to meet many Kazakhstanis in France. Spring is a great period of time to get acquainted with my country, starting with Paris.