Kazakhstan coin wins ‘Vicenza Numismatica – 2014’


Kazakhstan coin wins ‘Vicenza Numismatica - 2014’Silver coins of the National Bank of Kazakhstan named “Baikonur” from the series “Property of the Republic” has won the second prize at the international contest of coin production ‘Vicenza Numismatica- 2014′ in Vicenza (Italy), as the best coin, minted in 2012, the press service of the National Bank of Kazakhstan informs.

According to the bank the coin won the prize for the original elaboration of symbolic objects and a combination of metals – silver, tantalum, which are originally used in high-tech manufacturing. The coin reflects the significant achievements in space exploration and “Baikonur” cosmodrome which is one of the world’s most famous space launch sites.

Coin’s head side depicts stylized starry sky and two human figures as a symbol of the unity of man and the universe.

The reverse side presents a stylized image of satellite orbits, forming the outline of ” Shanyrak ” – in the world of nomads treated as a window into space.