Kazakhstanis to enjoy Jonathan Dassin’s concert in Almaty, Shymbulak


Kazakhstanis to enjoy Jonathan Dassin’s concert in Almaty, ShymbulakToday French Consul Patric Renar has informed the press conference in Almaty about Jonathan Dassin’s concert in Almaty, Shymbulak. The consul told that the concert will be the French present to all Almaty citizens and Kazakhstanis in general.

“Days of France at Shymbulak” – is one of the first events of the year which is planned to hold in the framework of the Year of France in Kazakhstan. You will enjoy a lot of activities and events – an evening of classical music, a costume ball, creative exhibitions , contemporary dance festival , festival of French wine , as well as performance of the famous Patricia Kaas and the ballet “Giselle” with the participation of the leading soloists of “Grand Opera” from Paris” – told P.Renar.

Consul also said that on the Women’s Day the guests of “Shymbulak” resort would enjoy the concert of the son of the legendary French singer Joe Dassin, a singer and composer Jonathan Dassin.

“Like his famous father , 35 -year-old Jonathan Dassin is a poet and composer and sings his own songs the words and music for his songs . His style combines folk and light jazz and the singer says that he is not an exact copy of his father, because each of them has his own style of performance”- P.Renar said.