Congratulations of Nur Otan party chairman Nursultan Nazarbayev on the 15th anniversary of the party

March 01. Kazpravda

By Nursultan Nazarbayev

Dear fellow party members!

Dear Kazakhstanis!

I heartily congratulate all Nur Otan party members and supporters on the 15th anniversary of the party!

Congratulations of Nur Otan party chairman Nursultan Nazarbayev on the 15th anniversary of the partyIt is not just another historic date, but also a milestone on the record of independent Kazakhstan. As a responsible political force, our party has always taken difficult and vital decisions for the country, pursuing them consistently, sharing all the challenges and trials with the people.

The country’s progress is inextricably linked to the hard work of hundreds of thousands of party members and high credibility of the absolute majority of Kazakhstanis, sharing our party program and voting for the candidates of the party at nationwide and local elections.

During the years of independence, main values have evolved in our society, soldering  all the Kazakhstanis and creating a sound foundation for a secure future of the country. They underlie the national idea Mәңgіlіk El and are enshrined in a new political doctrine of the party.

Adopting Strategy 2050, Kazakhstan started the way to the ranks of 30 world advanced nations. The main task of all Nur Otan party members is consolidating the national unity, daily proving in deed its political leadership, spearheading the crucial processes in modernization of the economy, of the state and all the society’s life areas.

The Party should always be a model of effective governance, mobility and dedication.

Today, on the party’s birthday, I express my sincere gratitude to all my colleagues for their contribution to the formation of the party and work for the benefit of the nation.

I wish all the party members and all the Kazakhstanis peace and wellbeing,  achievement of  the noble goals  in the name of the great future of our home – the Republic of Kazakhstan!