Kazakhstan finished 5th in men’s 5,000 m short-track relay


Kazakhstan finished 5th in men's 5,000 m short-track relayKazakhstan’s athletes were the fifth to cross the finish line in a men’s 5,000 m short track speedskating relay final at the Iceberg Palace in Sochi.

They competed for the medal along with Russia, the US, China and Holland.

Russia grabbed the gold, while the US secured silver and China earned a bronze medal.


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Sochi 2014: Kazakh figure skating team shares 6th place in medal standings with Germany and Italy


Kazakhstan shares sixth place in medal standings on figure skating with Germany and Italy, «Kazinform» correspondent reports from Sochi.

It bears to remind that vice-world champion Denis Ten has won «bronze» which is the only medal for Kazakh national team. German and Italian teams also have bronze medals in figure skating.

Figure skating medal standings leadership belongs to Russia (3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals), USA (1 gold and 1 bronze) holds the second place and Japan (1 gold) is the third.


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Russia ready to consider application of Almaty to host Winter Olympics 2022

Feb 21. KAZINFORM. Sochi

Russia’s sports minister Vitaly Mutko explained why he prefers China to host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

‘We talked about the fact that we have special relationship with China and our Chinese colleagues have supported us throughout the preparations for the Games. Moreover, the Chinese leader arrived a few days before the Games, exactly the days, when China celebrated the New Year.

‘In general, we took into consideration the fact that the Chinese had already announced their intention, and we told that Russia was ready to support them.‘- Mutko said today at the press conference in the Sochi media center.

‘Kazakhstan, of course, is our old friend and partner.To date we’ve been fruitfully cooperating in the field of sports. And we are ready to consider Kazakhstan as a nominee. But you haven’t applied yet, whereas the Chinese have already done it. We will take our decision after your actions’ – the minister added.

Earlier, at the opening of the Chinese hospitality house, Mutko said that Russia was ready to support China to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

“Everything will depend on your approach to the application and planning. We have already gained such experience, promoting Sochi city, and you won the right to hold the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. I think your chances are good due to the image of the country, your ability and level of organization.’ – Russian papers cite the minister.