WEEKLY REVIEW: Over the past 20 years Kazakhstan has not explored any solid minerals deposits


WEEKLY REVIEW: Over the past 20 years Kazakhstan has not explored any solid minerals depositsKazakhstan will subsidize agricultural sector and reduce the tax burden on agricultural producers. Kazakhstan is rapidly developing engineering sector.

On Monday, January 3 at the enlarged session of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev told about the plans of the department. According to A. Zhumagaliyev, Kazakhstan plans to double transit traffic by 2020. In addition, under the state program on the development of transport infrastructure, it is planned to bring Aktau’s seaport throughout capacity to more than 20 million tons by 2020. This program provides major overhaul of all the railway stations, construction of 9 road service and 45 bus stations. It is also planned to develop a national flight safety program.

In Kazakhstan public transport will be transferred to pollution-free fuel, according to the first deputy Prime Minister Bakytzshan Sagintaev. Administration of Astana city in 2014 plans to purchase 350 buses running on natural gas. «Transfer of vehicles from petrol to gas will reduce emissions of harmful substances by 5 times», added B. Sagintayev.

Tuesday, January 4 at the Government meeting the Minister of Oil and Gas Uzakbay Karabalin reported that gas wholesale prices will be set differentially for each region taking into account the social aspects, the presence or absence of gas resources and current prices. The Minister also spoke about the concept of gas industry development which will be referred to the criteria for prioritizing gasification of various districts, settlements and industrial facilities.

On Wednesday, January 5 at the enlarged session of the Ministry of Agriculture Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov said that tax burden will be reduced for agricultural enterprises as the level of state agribusiness in Kazakhstan is lower than in Russia and Belarus. The PM stressed that the full implementation of «Agribusiness 2020» state program will begin this year. According to him, there will be a revolutionary change that will contribute to the development of agriculture.

On Thursday, January 6 at the enlarged board meeting of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies Minister Asset Issekeshev reported on significant increase of production in engineering and construction industry. This year the ministry will pay special attention to the domestic machine building industry. «In car industry we plan to overcome the level of 60 thousand vehicles per year», he said. According to the minister, the plan is based on the integration processes, which involve Kazakhstan.

In 2013, the production of passenger cars in the country doubled in comparison with 2012 (from 19 186 units to 37 471 thousand units). Production of buses increased 4.5 times from 205 units in 2012 to 992 units in 2013.

In addition, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies is developing a comprehensive plan to support the metallurgical enterprises in Kazakhstan amid the global decline in production in the mining industry. It is planned to commission a remote sensing system in Kazakhstan this year and a pharmaceutical plant, which was built with the participation of the Turkish company Abdi Ibrahim, a factory for the production of ball valves with the participation of German company Domer Armaturing, etc. Currently, 300 investment projects with participation of foreign companies are being implemented in Kazakhstan. Investors’ service centers have been set up.

«We have 44 priority projects with six priority countries for attracting large transnational corporations», he stressed.

According to the minister, Kazakhstan is preparing a new package of proposals for new incentives for investors, which will attract significant investment and technology in Kazakhstan’s economy in the second five-year plan. In conclusion, the Prime Minister noted that over the past 20 years Kazakhstan has not explored any large deposits of solid minerals, while the existing deposits are running low and the quality of raw materials is getting worse.

On Friday, January 7, Kazakh Statistics Agency initiated imposing a double administrative fine on a public official for incorrectly collected statistical data, according to the Chairman of the Statistics Agency Alikhan Smailov.