Prospects of geo-exploration

February 06. Kazpravda


Prospects of geo-explorationThe forecasts of reputable experts about Kazakhstan subsoil, which still have not been fully explored, inspire optimism. At that the question is not just new oil and gas fields, but also deposits of gold, poly-metals and coal.

Big discoveries are expected in Kazakhstan in the geological exploration. In his recent address the President set a specific task for the Government: the republic should enter the world market, attracting new investment in mining sector by simplifying the legislation.

Today this issue is specifically addressed by the Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use of the Ministry of industry and new technologies. Last week the department’s authorities outlined the prospects of the industry at a press conference in Astana.

– There is a conclusion of the McKinsey & Company which says that if in the coming years the large scale exploration is launched in Kazakhstan, then at least 15 large companies of the same level as Kazakhmys and ENRC will be able to work in our country for many years – said Deputy Minister of Industry and new technologies Nurlan Sauranbayev.

According to him, in this case the question is not just the deposits of poly- metal ores, rare earth metals, but also oil and gas fields.

– The Committee of geology and subsoil together with specialists of the national company KazMunaiGas completed the first stage of the study of sedimentary basins. I can surely say that big discoveries are expected in this area. He recalled that new challenges are reflected in the Concept of the geological industry designed up to 2030, as well as in the industrial program. This will require large investments.

– Each year the volume of budgetary funds allocated for the development of geology will grow. Thus, beginning from 2015 and within five consecutive years more than 161 billion tenge will be allotted from the national budget for this purpose, said chairman of the committee Bazarbay Nurabaev. According to him, the adequate funding will give new impetus to geological research, which, as known, was stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Nurabaev reminded that today the base of Kazakhstan’s exploration is the long-term materials of soviet time. According to him the committee takes steps to simplify procedures for obtaining the right of subsoil user. Thus until now, the information on a particular deposit was prepared for 240 days.

– Now we are planning to introduce a new system of historical costs’ calculation, which will reduce the time of determining the cost of geological exploration down to one day – said the head of the committee.

And with the lifting of the moratorium, as it was announced at the press conference, the upcoming contests for the right of subsoil use on 105 objects will be already held on the rules of the new calculation system.

– However, the main priority in the coming years in the Kazakh geological exploration is transfer of technologies. The companies interested in the development of our mineral resources, can come to our market on the sole condition that they will bring their know-how, – said Sauranbayev.

By the way, the committee of geology and subsoil in the current year is going to organize the Day of mineral wealth for potential investors and to issue sizable handbooks on this topic.