Expanding boundaries

February 01. Kazpravda


Expanding boundariesThis year, a regular Eurasian Forum KazEnergy will be held not in Astana, as it was in the previous eight years, but in Moscow, in the framework of the XXI World Petroleum Congress.

Kazakhstan represented by KazEnergy Association will continue to enhance its image in the international oil community. In the current year it will participate in 65 international events, said CEO Asset Magauov yesterday in Astana during the meeting of the association. According to him, the most important of them are the XXI World Petroleum Congress, which will be held in June this year in Moscow, the 25th session of the Conference of the Energy Charter to be held in late November in Astana, and finally the summit of world leaders in energy, scheduled for the end of May as part of the VII Astana Economic Forum.

– By the way, RK oil and gas minister Uzakbay Karabalin was approved as chairman of the Conference on Energy Charter – said A. Magauov.

He reminded that Kazakhstan headed the Conference of Energy Charter from January 1, 2014. This decision was taken on the results of the 24th session of the Conference which took place a month ago in the capital of Cyprus – Nicosia. And as its chairman, the Republic of Kazakhstan assumed obligations to host the 25th session of the Energy Charter Conference. Delegations from 53 countries – participants of the Energy Charter, as well as delegates from observer countries will arrive in the Kazakh capital.

According Aset Magauov, a traditional Eurasian Forum KazEnergy, which for eight years was held in Astana, will be held in the Russian capital this year.

– KazEnergy Association advanced a proposal to hold under its auspices several significant events within the XXI World Petroleum Congress in Moscow. The first is a ministerial conference on Kazakhstan. The second is a special session of the World Petroleum Council on the development of local content. And the third is the first meeting of the Energy Club of countries – participants of SCO, he informed.

During the meeting of KazEnergy held in Astana last year, the participants also reviewed and approved a preliminary version of the Strategy for the Development of Association in the coming 5 years.

According to board’s chairman of KazEnergy Timur Kulibayev, special attention in this document will be paid to technical development of the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan.

– The Association will work out a “Roadmap of technical development of the extractive sector.” The strategy will contain 15 priorities, including the creation of a special fund under Association for research and development activities, – said T. Kulibayev.

According to him, performing the orders of the President, the company also activates the work on training of personnel for domestic fuel and energy complex. KazEnergy creates a special fund for training and retraining of specialists.

All these plans are financially feasible for the Association, the more especially as last year 29 companies expressed willingness to join KazEnergy. Thereby, the number of its participants grew to 77.