Kazakhstan will show the world how to achieve great success: European Parliament deputy Alfred Rubiks


Kazakhstan will show the world how to achieve great success: European Parliament deputy Alfred RubiksThe State-of-the Nation Address delivered by President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan’s way-2050: Common goal, common interests, common future” has generated intense public interest in Kazakhstan and beyond. Latvian politician, member of the European Parliament from Latvia Alfred Rubiks shared his thoughts on this strategic document and its key points in an interview with Kazakhstani journalists in Brussels.

– Dear Mr. Rubiks, you have already familiarized with the Address of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Nation. What is your opinion about this document and its key points?

– This document keeps an eye on the big picture. What is more important it is understandable both to policy makers and ordinary people. It sets specific goal: to join the club of the 30 most developed countries in the world producing up to 80% of global GDP by 2050. This comprehensive document shows how to achieve this goal, and I like that.

– What part of the address did stick in your mind, what was the most interesting about it?

– The whole text is interesting, because today it is a rare thing to see such a detailed plan as the one shown in the State-of-the-Nation Address. Kazakhstan chose to follow the path of socially-oriented market regulated by the state. In Europe we adopt analogous documents in all spheres from banking sector to industry.

I am the member of the delegation for cooperation between the European Parliament and the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the last five years I’ve been to Kazakhstan three times. I’ve met a lot of people – farmers, industry workers, President Nursultan Nazarbayev, ministers – and what I’ve seen is the wish of the whole nation to build its own life. I wish Kazakhstan to implement this plan, to demonstrate the whole world what’s worth during the EXPO-2017 event in Astana. Show the world that one can achieve huge success on his own.

– How can Kazakhstan and the European countries cooperate in the agro-industrial sphere?

– Speaking of innovations and development of agriculture it is worth mentioning there are many open chances in the world. In Latvia we collect sapropel – dark colored sediments that are rich in organic matter and can be applied as a fertilizer for agricultural purposes. I am sure Kazakhstan will be interested in this fertilizer and we can establish mutually profitable partnership in this field. Taking into account the fact Kazakhstan and Latvia enjoy good cooperation in terms of Kazakhstani grain export via Latvian sea ports. As Kazakhstan develops new railway routes, the fertilizer can be transported to the country without a hitch.