Moscow market is a “window of opportunities”

January 25. Kazpravda. Moscow


Moscow market is a “window of opportunities”Kazakh agrarians seek access to the Moscow market: advanced agreements on direct supplies to the Russian capital of domestic agricultural produce were achieved during the business forum “Kazakhstan’s regions – Moscow: enhanced cooperation”.

The forum, held last Wednesday at the hotel “Metropol” was organized by the National Holding KazAgro in conjunction with the Moscow government, RK Ministry of Agriculture, RK Embassy and trade missions of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation. Its objectives are particularly relevant in the light of the challenges on the development of the agricultural sector set out in the January’s state of the nation address of RK President. The policy document noted the strategic importance of agricultural sector in the context of growing global demand for food and the need to move on the path of innovation of AIC and removing barriers to business development in agriculture. No less important is the final result, formulated in the Address:  “Kazakhstan must become a major regional exporter of meat, dairy and other products of agriculture.”

In fact, similar objectives were set by the initiators of this business forum with a particular eye to the market of the Russian capital.

– The market potential of Moscow is huge. The task for officials is to simplify business promotion and to remove barriers to the Kazakh products, -said commenting on the subject, executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Arman Evniev, stressing that within the Customs Union agreements were adopted, which allow to increase the production and export of agricultural products.

According to head of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow Alexei Nemeryuk the government of the Russian capital has a similar position.

– We are long-term partners in the supply of grain, meat, fruit and vegetables. It is no secret that Moscow is one of the largest importers of agricultural products. And what we have now does not meet our demand. I hope the forum will become a kind of starting point for long-term contracts for direct delivery, – said the head of the trade department of Moscow.

The interest of the Russian capital in Kazakh products is explained by their quality, environmental friendliness and flavor characteristics. According to the official, the Muscovites are nostalgic about famous Almaty apples aport. However, other traditional Kazakh brands have recently appeared, or rather were “reanimated”.

– Last year we started to supply premium class meat to the Moscow market. Consumers already know its taste. In the current year about three thousand tons of this meat are to be brought to Moscow, – said chairman of KazAgro Dulat Aitzhanov.

By the way, many of Moscow’s restaurateurs are already actively promoting Kazakhstan meat of premium brand. It really has a perfect taste. Gradually, strong consumer demand is formed for this type of product. However, this does not limit the competition: the Moscow market of meat products, which 30% depends on imports, is saturated by the countries of EU, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. In this context, the issue of optimal balance of money and quality is pressing.

Taking into account these realities, the leadership of KazAgro intends to place the emphasis primarily on the formation of Kazakh instruments to deliver products to the markets of Moscow.

– We understand the problem of small-scale production in Kazakhstan and the fact that many domestic companies alone can not enter the market of Moscow, since it requires rhythm, volume and timely delivery. KazAgro will focus on the formation of commodity output and under support of the Moscow Mayor’s office, which has a number of logistics companies will deliver Kazakhstani goods to the market, – commented on the topic Dulat Aitzhanov.

The forum resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between JSC National Holding KazAgro and JSC Mosregiontorg. More than 20 Kazakh producers of wheat, flour and pasta, about 30 producers of meat, fish and the products of their processing, 10 horticultural manufacturers, 4 producers of milk and dairy products expressed readiness to supply their goods to the Moscow market.