Kazakhstan increases uranium production in 2013

Jan. 23. Trend. Astana

By Daniar Mukhtarov

Kazakhstan increases uranium production in 2013Uranium production in Kazakhstan amounted to 22,500 tons in 2013, which corresponds to the planned targets, Kazakh national company Kazatomprom said on Thursday.

Kazakhstan produced 20,900 tons of uranium in 2012.

The exports on contracts in Kazakhstan (excluding Stepnogorsk Mining-Chemical Complex) amounted to 23,400 tons of uranium concentrate.

Kazakhstan has maintained leadership in the global uranium mining industry, providing more than 38 percent of global uranium production, which according to preliminary data totaled 58,800 tons of uranium.

In 2013, the NAC Kazatomprom JSC (including shares in subsidiaries and affiliates) extracted 12,600 tons of uranium, or 21 percent of world production (on the expected forecasts). Sales on contracts of NAC Kazatomprom JSC (an independent legal entity) stood at 10,200 tons of uranium concentrate.

Tantalum production totalled 203.1 tons, niobium – 50,586.6 tons, beryllium – 1,913.1 tons.

The NAC Kazatomprom JSC opened a representative office in the United States in 2013. The representative office’s activity resulted in a new contract for the uranium supply.

During the year, the NAC Kazatomprom JSC continued to work in accordance with the existing development strategy, which provides for the preservation of the company’s positions in the global nuclear energy as a competitive multinational diversified company.

The Kazatomprom JSC also continued exploration activities aimed at increasing the resource base of uranium in Kazakhstan and more than 2,300 exploratory wells were drilled.