Mainstream of the XXI century

January 22. Kazpravda

By Raushan Shulembaeva

Mainstream of the XXI centuryThe Almaty city administration discussed the President’s state-of-the-nation Address in a meeting.

The mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov said that since the adoption of Strategy -2050 Almaty has made considerable progress.

– For example, one of the main directions named in the Address is stepping up innovative industrialization trend. In Almaty, the industrial production in 2013 increased by 5.5% and amounted to 613 billion tenge, which is one of the best indices in the country. Under the Industrialization Map, 28 projects are under implementation in Almaty totaling 522 billion tenge with creation of 5600 jobs. The state budget revenues from Almaty tax receipts exceeded the planned targets and reached 1 trillion 368 billion tenge.

The accelerated innovative industrialization provides not only the growth of economic indicators, but, most importantly, raises the population’s living standards, creating new jobs and increasing wages. Broaching the social area, the mayor said that new schools, hospitals, kindergartens keep opening in the city that meet international standards. In addition, within the preparation for the Universiade 2017, a number of new sports facilities are to be launched.

Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the RK President Bulat Sultanov, quoting the President saying that our movement towards the 2050 goal is going to be under the hard conditions of global competition, said the fundamental problems that caused the global financial and economic crisis of 2007-2009 have not been addressed. Consequently, the world is facing new financial and economic turmoils.  Given such circumstances, the integration into the regional and global economy is of particular relevance.

– Nursultan Nazarbayev rightly pointed in this regard that globalization and regionalization is the mainstream of the XXI century. The world has a lot of integration associations: the European Union, NAFTA, the African Union, ASEAN, APEC. Even the Gulf states are joining into a regional organization. The Head of State emphasized in his Address the need for pragmatic and evolutionary decision-making.

Of special interest to Almaty dwellers, according to B. Sultanov, is the “Economic corridor of the Silk Road”. In Kazakhstan, it is assumed to implement in its frames 22 projects worth 30 billion dollars. In turn China plans to bring the 2015 sales with Kazakhstan to 40 billion dollars (cf.:24 billion in 2012). Therefore, the Kazakh- Chinese projects, the scientist believes, should be viewed as a real chance for economic development, primarily of Almaty, which is on the border with China and through which the restored Great Silk Road will run. The task of Almaty is to become a real subject, not object of this ambitious project.