10 creative ideas in the state-of the nation address

January 18. Kazpravda

10 creative ideas in the state-of the nation address– PATRIOTISM.  A new document will be developed and adopted, fixing the core values of  Kazakhstan society – a patriotic act “Mәңgіlіk El”.

– INNOVATION. Concrete result of each successive quinquennium will be creation of new industries in the economy, in the first place mobile multimedia, nano- and aerospace technologies, robotics, genetic engineering, location and opening of the energy of future.

– GEOLOGY. Kazakhstan should come to the world market in the field of geological exploration. Investments of foreign engineering companies will be attracted in this industry after simplification of the legislation.

– AGRICULTURE. Thanks to development of agricultural science, including development of genetically modified crops, Kazakhstan will become one of the major regional exporters of agricultural products.

– SCIENCE. Foreign investments will be fully used for transfer of knowledge and new technologies to our country. Jointly with foreign companies, design and engineering centers will be created and additional productions of the largest Kazakh companies will be placed in the industrial parks.

– TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT. The largest cities – Astana and Almaty, then Shymkent and Aktobe will become the first modern urban centers. They will also be the centers of science and attraction of investments.

– TRANSPORT. The sector of logistics services will be given a new impetus for development. The territory of the Customs Union will be actively used in cargo transportation and in the future, Kazakhstan will start to invest in the creation of logistics centers in the countries with access to the sea.

– ENERGY. In the preparation for EXPO 2017 Astana will become a center for study and introduction of the best international practices in search and creation of energy of future and “green” economy. A new refinery will be built; nuclear energy will begin to develop, including – construction of nuclear power plants.

– SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESS. Small and medium businesses will be developed around new innovative enterprises. For this, the second five-year plan of industrialization will be combined with the “Business Roadmap 2020”.

– ECONOMY. A knowledge-based economic model, which will increase to 70% the share of non-oil products in Kazakhstan’s export potential, will be introduced and funding of science will be no less than 3 % of GDP.