Kazakhstan surpasses Russia, Belarus in Economic Freedom Index


Kazakhstan surpasses Russia, Belarus in Economic Freedom IndexKazakhstan is ranked 67th out of 186 countries on the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom published Wednesday by the Heritage Foundation.

In this year’s jubilee ranking, Kazakhstan landed its place in the top 100 between Ghana and Montenegro, scoring 63.7 economic freedom points. It is worth mentioning that Kazakhstan’s score is 0.7 point higher than last year.

The Heritage Foundation highlighted notable improvements in investment freedom, business freedom, and monetary freedom. Kazakhstan is ranked higher than its Customs Union neighbors – Russia and Belarus – 140th and 150th spots respectively.

The Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage Foundation, Washington’s №1think tank, covers 10 freedoms – from poverty rights to entrepreneurship.


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Good Enough to Eat food index: Kazakhstan ranks 44th


Around the world, one in eight people go to bed hungry every night despite there being enough food for everyone. Overconsumption, misuse of resources and waste are common elements of a system that leaves hundreds of millions without enough to eat.

To better understand the challenges that people face getting enough of the right food, Oxfam has compiled a snapshot of 125 countries indicating the best and worst places to eat.

The Netherlands is № 1 in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet, beating France and Switzerland into second place. European countries occupy the entire 20 top bar one – Australia ties in 8th place-while the US, japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada all fall outside.

The new index looks at whether people have enough to eat, food quality, affordability and dietary health. The US and Japan share 21st place, Russia and Kazakhstan stand 44th, while China ranks 57th and Kyrgyzstan 67th, the Oxfam report reads.