WEEKLY REVIEW: Public procurement market of Russia and Belarus opens access for local producers


WEEKLY REVIEW: Public procurement market of Russia and Belarus opens access for local producersKazakhstan is preparing to deepen economic integration with Russia and Belarus. The Government will continue to implement “Balapan” program to ensure Kazakhstan preschool upbringing and education.

On Monday, January 6, there have been published government regulations that amended the Resolution “On approval of rules for concepts, doctrine”. In paragraph 10, which reveals the idea of concept, it is noted: “Expected results characterize the positive changes that need to be achieved by implementing the concept and define indicators which qualitative change they should have an impact. Expected results should be controlled and monitored, measurable qualitatively and quantitatively, expressed in absolute and / or relative values”.

Instruments for implementing the concept include ”government and industry programs, program development areas, strategic plans, government agencies, laws, by which it is supposed to realize the concept”.

On Wednesday, January 8, at a plenary session of the Majilis was presented the bill amending the Convention between Kazakhstan and Switzerland for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and capital. Deputy Finance Minister Ruslan Dalenov explained that the Convention did not allow the parties to exchange information on tax issues. The thing was that Switzerland had a law on classified information, and the Protocol to the Convention, submitted to Parliament for ratification, can solve the problem. Thus, Kazakhstan and Switzerland will be able to fully comply obligations under the Convention.

On Thursday, January 9, Government Decree extending “Balapan” program was published. This program, developed at the initiative of the Head of State, was developed for 2010-2014.

In his Address to the Nation “Kazakhstan- 2050 Strategy”- a new policy of established state” in December 2012, the President noted that the program has increased the coverage of preschool education to 65.4 percent. He therefore instructed to extend the program until 2020.

Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population, published on January 9, has defined income poverty line in Kazakhstan for the first quarter of 2014.

Istanbul on Thursday has held the presentation of the International World Exhibition “Expo-2017” which will take place in Astana. In addition, there was organized a photo exhibition and a video presentation showing the preparation of Astana for the World Exhibition.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey Zhanseit Tuymebayev urged Turkish investors to actively participate in major investment projects in our country – the exhibition “Expo-2017” and “Universiade-2017”. Participants of the presentation noted that the success of EXPO in Astana as well as the implementation of “Green Bridge” will be a great contribute to the global development of alternative energy sources and environmental protection.

On Friday, January 10, Kazakh Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov held a meeting on the implementation of the President’s instructions given at the enlarged meeting of the Government on October 11, 2013.

Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Yerbolat Dossayev told that the 2013 Action Plan was fulfilled on time. He informed about the revision of the comprehensive plan to counter the shadow economy, announced proposals for the further division of powers between levels of government, increasing the number of plants and facilities within the second wave of privatization, attraction of funds from development institutions, pension funds, financial institutions for public-private partnership projects.

Also the meeting heard reports of the heads of government bodies on ongoing activities. In particular, the meeting focused on improving the effectiveness of special economic zones, creating scientific research institutes of new energy, increasing the responsibility for driving while drunk and drugged, development of quality textbooks, methodical and scientific literature.

“All the President’s instructions have to be executed efficiently and on time. Formal approach is unacceptable. Therefore, every public authority, each manager must again consider the mechanism of implementation of all orders. We will continue to consider these issues on a regular basis,” Akhmetov concluded.

A video conference to discuss the draft agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union was held in Astana on Friday. Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Timur Zhaksylykov recalled that from January 1, 2014 Kazakhstan grants its Single Economic Space partners the right to participate in public procurement. According to Zhaksylykov, domestic suppliers will also be able to participate in state and municipal procurement in the countries of Single Economic Space together with local suppliers.

The Vice Minister added that the public procurement market in the Single Economic Space in 2012 amounted to about 200 billion U.S. dollars, in Kazakhstan it reached 7.6 billion U.S. dollars for the same period.

In addition, Zhaksylykov said that during the period of functioning of the Customs Union the annual average growth rate of bilateral trade amounted to 15.8%, import and export increased during this period by 91-92 %.

In January-October 2013 the mutual trade between the Single Economic Space countries was about 59.9 billion U.S. dollars.