Kazakhstan history archived

January 09. Kazpravda. Almaty

By Vadim Mahin

Kazakhstan history archivedJanuary 14, 1994 a presidential decree on creation of the RK President’s Archive was signed. Ahead of this archive’s 20th anniversary we asked its director Vladimir Shepel to tell more of it.

– Perhaps the first and most important difference form the archive of the 90-es is the quality of records. It is now a modern, technologically equipped complex. Since 1998, we have collected 70 files relating to political, governmental and public figures of Kazakhstan (about 8000 records in storage now), including about S.Dzhienbaev , Sh. Zhanybekov, M. Beisebayev , M.Ospanov, A. Alimzhanov, M.Kozybayev, G. Belger, M. Isinaliev and others.

The President Archive now upholds the status of republican scientific-methodological center that has issued over 90 manuals. The information and methodical newsletter comes out regularly.

In 2011 historical-documentary exhibitions were held in Astana “Chronicle of Independence” in conjunction with Kazakhstan’s First President Museum , “Under the flag of Independence” – together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Rarities of the President’s Archive”. These exhibitions attracted more than 15,000 visitors, including foreign states’ ambassadors.

We published 59 documentary collections and references in 64 volumes. Thousands of documents, previously unavailable to the researchers have been given access to. Articles are regularly published on political history; radio and television broadcasts, exhibitions, lectures, excursions, school lessons, open days are held on a regular basis too.

We are cooperating with other countries’ archives and the International Council on Archives (ICA), whose member (the Eurasian department) we are since 2003.

Compared to the year 1994, the funding to our archive increased 17 times, modern equipment was acquired.

In 2010, the upscale German microfiche COM system was first applied, in 2011, new air conditioners for storage were installed, and then the outdated e-filing server was replaced.

The records are placed in 8 storages with stationary and modern mobile shelves the total length of 29 kilometers. All these spaces are equipped with automated systems of artificial climate and fire safety.

We introduced 16 automated accounting and information retrieval databases. An e- reference is in the making on the Soviet Kazakhstan’s political elite of 1918-1991 years.

In 2008, a website www.aprk.kz was launched, which is constantly updated.

Most valuable records on Independent Kazakhstan are the ones on the history of the nationhood formation and development, a historic speech of President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the Supreme Council session on coming into sovereignty, adoption of the Constitution and the oath taking of the President on 10 December 1991, confirmations of the world leaders’ acknowledgement of the state sovereignty of the Republic, the UN General Assembly’s resolution on Kazakhstan’s membership in UN, Constitutional laws and decrees of the President – on adoption of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan , introduction of the national currency and others.

All these and many other valuable archival records point to the magnitude and complexity of the path Kazakhstan has made and to the First President’s part in it.