East Kazakhstan: results and events of the year

Dec 26. Kazpravda

By Svetlana Abenova

East Kazakhstan: results and events of the yearThe East Kazakhstan tallied up the results of 2013, showing that the oblast is likely to be among top five regions of the country.

In 2013 the volume of industrial production amounted to KZT 830 billion, which is 10 % higher than last year. The East Kazakhstan region accounts for a quarter of the innovation products, manufactured in the country.

The oblast is one of the leaders in Kazakhstan in terms of subsidies, allocated under the first and third directions of the program «Business Road Map -2020″. The Industrialization Map of the region includes 53 investment projects and due to the implemented projects more than 8 thousand jobs have been created.

The new phase of PAIID

In terms of innovative products, the East Kazakhstan region in 2012 ranked first in the country. Today, the region’s administration sets a challenging task – an adequate start of the second phase of the State AIID Programme.

A cluster approach to implementation of the AIID projects in the regions will remain one of the priorities. It is known that there is a certain detachment and imbalance in their socioeconomic development.

In summer 2013, Ust-Kamenogorsk hosted the first national forum of inter-regional integration of four oblasts — East Kazakhstan, Almaty, Karaganda and Pavlodar, chaired by Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov. It was initiated by the oblast governor and supported by the President during his working trip to the East Kazakhstan in June 2013.

In 2009, the EKO administration elaborated a balance of production and consumption of industrial and agricultural products. It has been updated to suit the present conditions, and the attention was paid to the imported goods.

In August this year, the oblast hosted the Interregional Fair of breeding stock «Shyngystau 2013″, and the international festival of honey. The region today supplies sunflower oil, Altai honey, meat and other food products, and buys Almaty fruits and vegetables, Karaganda eggs and potato seeds. Integration of the new level will help return the lands of oblasts, bordering the territory of the former nuclear test site, to the economy.

On the eve of X Interregional Cooperation Forum between Kazakhstan and Russia, construction of an automobile full cycle plant was launched in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The oblast governor said the joint project is the result of successful Kazakh- Russian collaboration. The new production is included in the Industrialization Map of the country.

The new plant will add KZT 150 billion annually to the country’s GDP, and the exports will reach KZT 80 billion. More than half of the products will be exported to the markets of the Siberian and Far Eastern regions and the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Two thousand specialists are to be involved in its construction. More than 4 thousand jobs will be created there. Another 8 thousand different specialists will be hired for adjacent companies, producing components and spare parts.

Another important technological project, aimed at long-term development of the copper industry in Kazakhstan, was also entered on the Industrialization Map — construction of Aktogai mining and processing enterprise (MPE), in Ayagoz district. High technology will allow to produce about 100 000 tons of cathode copper per year.

The project costs $ 2 billion. About 3 thousand people will be employed there. It is planned to produce the first copper in 2016.

Brands of the region

In addition to beekeeping and maral breeding, the East Kazakhstan will have another brand in the near future – the poultry industry. Even today, the region is leading in production of chicken meat.

The Ust-Kamenogorsk poultry factory joined the state AIID program in 2009. The state support was then very timely: the company started production of chilled poultry. A large-scale modernization was accomplished and three years later the factory reached its design capacity — 20 thousand tons of finished products.

The plant for deep processing of poultry meat is the second major project implemented in 2013 under the PAIID. Today Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry is in high demand in the region and other neighboring oblasts.

The «green» economy

During the preparation for the forum of interregional integration «Strong regions — strong Kazakhstan», special attention was paid to the «green» economy. An agreement was reached on creation of a joint project on renewable energy and a single program «Sustainable forests of the future».

This fall, the region hosted another important event — the International Environmental Forum, which resulted in signing of a number of memoranda totaling KZT 18 billion 120 million. The region has the largest water reserves in Kazakhstan — 30 cubic meters of water a day per capita, which is six times higher than in Europe. Until 2018, the oblast is planning to implement a large energy project on construction of HPP Bulak on the Irtysh River.

Recently in Ust-Kamenogorsk, a plant for production of photovoltaic and silicon wafers was opened. The LLP “Kazakhstan Solar Silicon” is one of the technological links of the integrated production line, manufacturing photovoltaic modules based on local silicon KAZ PV. Undoubtedly, the project is destined to become a new brand in the international exhibition EXPO 2017.

Congresses of houses of friendship and rural youth

The first national congress of houses of friendship was held this year on the territory of East Kazakhstan ethno-village, opened in 2010 by the President.

The 1st International congress of rural youth, held in Ust-Kamenogorsk in the fall, was attended by delegations from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, China and even Vietnam. A number of social projects were presented there, such as «the school of farmers», and a youth complex «Smart City», «Sturgeon farms» and others.

Agriculture and housing construction

This year, more than 1 million tons of grain was harvested in East Kazakhstan (18.5 quintals per hectare).

Moisture-saving technologies were installed on 370 hectares area. A significant contribution was made by the seed production in the East Kazakhstan Institute of Agriculture.

The region also successfully implements the program «Affordable Housing 2020″, for which KZT 9.3 billion was allocated in 2013. About 166 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned. On the eve of the Day of the First President and the Independence Day, the residents of the regional center, Semey, Ridder and others received keys to new apartments. In total, before the end of 2013, 22 many-apartment blocks and 106 individual houses will be commissioned.

This year 100 football fields, the Martial Arts Palace, 182 sports facilities were constructed in the region.  Many social facilities were built and renovated there — 342 recreation centers and libraries.

Natural gas in villages

Construction of the gas pipeline Sarybulak — Maikapchagai the total length of 92.5 km has been finished. The first phase of the investment program «Gasification of Zaysan in East Kazakhstan region» is successfully completed.

Currently the regional administration is focusing on construction of filling stations to supply gas to the regional center. Construction of a gas liquefaction plant is also planned.

The days of EKO in Astana

In the frames of the events, the traditional agricultural fairs and presentations of innovative projects of the region, a concert of winners of international competitions, a meeting of the oblast governor with the ENU students were held in Astana.

During the Days of the East Kazakhstan region in Almaty one of the most significant events of 2013 was held — a business forum, which resulted in signing of a number of agreements on inter-regional cooperation.

Besides, the EKO also has close neighborly relations with Pavlodar region. This year alone, 20 agreements and memoranda were signed between them.

Altai — the Golden Cradle of the Turkic world

The II International Forum «Altai – the Golden Cradle of the Turkic world» was attended by prominent scholars, workers of art and culture, heads of major international organizations from 12 countries and 8 regions of Russia.

The Minister of Culture and Information Mukhtar Kul-Muhammed stressed that Altai is one of the recognized and scientifically proven centers of origin of people and the golden cradle of humanity.

Today the EKO has done a lot to clinch its leadership in the country.