Made in Kazakhstan

Dec 21. Kazpravda

By Kulpash Konyrova

Made in KazakhstanThe winners of the republican exhibition-contest «Best Product of Kazakhstan 2013″ were announced in Astana.

Yesterday the Palace of Independence hosted the republican exhibition-contest «Best Product of Kazakhstan 2013″ which was attended by more than 150 enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. All of them are the winners of regional competitions, exhibitions, which took place in June -September 2013. Overall, this year 700 domestic enterprises contested in them.

The main purpose of the exhibition-contest is to stimulate domestic enterprises to produce high-quality and, hence, competitive products. This competition has been held for 12 years. And during that time 88 best domestic manufacturers were awarded.

– Such competitions are designed to help develop the quality management of local enterprises. Today, about 6 000 companies have a quality management system ISO, — said Vice Prime Minister — Minister of Industry and New Technologies Aset Issekeshev.

He noted that today Kazakhstan has more than 230 export-oriented enterprises and therefore introduction of international quality standards is of special importance for their work.

The current exhibition-competition had three categories: «Best industrial goods» (51 participants), «Best products for population» (52) and «Best food products» (49 contestants).

Particular attention was attracted by a joint billboard of the LLP «Agromashholding» and «Sary-Arka auto industry». These companies in conjunction with South Korean company have started assembling of SsangYong autos. Both of them were among the contenders for the title of «Altyn Sapa». Kazakhstan company acquired a license from the South Korean company SsangYong for production of Nomad brand cars.

According to the representatives of «Agromashholding», 70% of Nomad brand autos will be exported to the CU countries. Its minimal price will be 22.5 thousand dollars. Besides, next summer the LLP plans to start assembling of «Toyota Fortuner» autos for Kazakhstan market only.

Another interesting stand belonged to the LLP «Membrane Technologies, S.A.». Its products meet the modern requirements: environment and quality of life. The founders of the enterprise are the Kazakhstani scientists who started production of desalination units that are badly needed in western Kazakhstan.

Director of «Membrane Technologies, S.A.» Alexander Tskhai said the company is involved in the state program «Akbulak» and about 90 % of the units are sold in Kazakhstan. The remaining 10% is exported to Russia and Israel.

Thus, the «Best industrial product» title went to the LLP «Membrane Technologies, S.A.» and the LLP “Petrochem LTD”. The LLP «Himfarm» of South Kazakhstan region and LLP «Kublei» from West Kazakhstan region won in the category «Best products for population».

The winners of the third category «Best enterprise in services» are the JSC «KazTransGazAymak» and JSC «National Scientific Center of Neurosurgery».