Factor of the national unity

Nov 21. Kazpravda

By Aitkul Samakova, Majilis Deputy Chairperson of Nur Otan Social Council in Majilis

Factor of the national unityThis year our country is marking the Day of the First President for the second time. It is the evidence of a truly nation-wide respect to the leader of the nation, recognition of outstanding achievements of Nursultan Nazarbayev in the process of formation and development of Kazakhstan’s statehood.

Many political analysts and experts highly appreciate Nursultan Nazarbayev’s statesmanship and political will. Efficiency of the political course that our President pursues is obvious today: under his leadership, the country has made a historic breakthrough from the chaos of the 90s and took its rightful place in the global community. Kazakhstan today is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with a market economy, the developed system of governance and institutions of democracy.

Medium and small businesses are developing, new industries are being launched, new jobs are created, roads, kindergartens, schools and hospitals are being constructed. Year by year, the well-being of Kazakhstanis is growing: according to the World Bank rating, our country is among the states with the above-average incomes. The National Fund is the ground for prosperity of the future generations.

Kazakhstan’s youth has an opportunity to get education, meeting the highest international standards. Economic well-being provides a comfortable social climate: 140 ethnic groups co-exist in peace and accord in the multi-ethnic state, whose interests are protected by Kazakhstan People’s Assembly.

Over 20 years of independence, at the international arena, Kazakhstan has become known as a peace-loving state, whose multi-vector foreign policy is aimed at development of mutually beneficial cooperation with all members of the international community, and the unprecedented peace initiatives of which are contributive to the regional and global security.

All these achievements are the result of the daily hard work of the President, requiring constant concentration and strength, high level of competence in various fields of activity. The Heads of leading countries recognize efficiency of Kazakhstan’s reforms, based on the successfully chosen political-economic model: strong presidential power plus vigorous economic reforms.

A state can be created and developed only by an outstanding personality that is single-minded and aspiring to anything new. Nursultan Nazarbayev, being this very personality, is able to inspire and  support people, give them confidence to unlock their potential.

As the Chairperson of Nur Otan Social Council in Majilis and the Deputy Chairperson of the Asian Forum of MPs on Population and Development, I was particularly inspired by the President’s progressive initiatives in social sector, aimed at improving the situation of women and children, strengthening of families, demographic and youth policy. Kazakhstan is the first and only country in the CIS that has introduced a mammography screening program for women. Life expectancy in our republic meets the world standards and is 69.6 years. By 2020, it is expected to reach 72 years or more.

As known, in order to promote family values, the President established a new holiday – the Family Day, which is marked on the second Sunday of September.

In the Strategy «Kazakhstan — 2050″ the President singled out 10 key challenges of the XXI century. One of them is the global population imbalance. In our country, due to the state support, the demographic situation is gradually improving. Taking into account the stable positive dynamics of fertility, the President decided to extend the program «Balapan» up to 2020. The executive power is tasked to achieve 100% involvement in preschool education.

One of the most pressing problems of the demographic sphere is as follows: according to the statistics, 20% of married counples can not have children. The experts say, about 30 % of these couples need additional reproductive technologies — since 2010 in vitro fertilization services in Kazakhstan have been included in the guaranteed volume of free medical care. In this case, a woman has the right to choose medical organization, providing IVF services.

Another pressing issue is the socially vulnerable groups of population. In 2008, Kazakhstan signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol. Two years later, the Standard for provision of special social services was approved. In 2012, such services were provided to more than 87 000 elderly and disabled people. 17 boarding houses and 29 day-care centers are working for children with disabilities. In accordance with the Action Plan for improvement of the quality of life of the disabled persons for 2012-2018, in 2012, technical (compensatory) devices were given to more than 96 000 people with disabilities (88% of the total number of those in need).

The current system of social support for the elderly and disabled people has 50 medical and social institutions of the general type, 6 day-stay departments, 341 departments of home care services. Social services are provided to more than 46 000 elderly and the disabled. Before 2017, it is planned to gradually reform the system of such services, aimed at de-institutionalization of the major medical and social institutions, development of a network of small capacity houses, as well as the day-stay home care organizations.

Problems of youth are also of special importance. The state policy in this area is also based on a solid legal framework. The Concept of State Youth Policy up to 2020 «Kazakhstan — 2020: the way into the future» has been elaborated, a Youth Committee, appropriate departments in the regions, a Coordinating Council and a research center «Youth» have been established. The priority of the state youth policy is to support socialization of the youth and increase the level of its independence.

These tasks are large-scale and ambitious: to ensure sustainable economic growth, based on introduction of new technologies and diversification of productions, competitiveness of human capital, strengthening of inter-ethnic harmony, security and stability in international relations. All these factors will help improve the welfare of Kazakhstanis and the quality of life.

In this regard, the Day of the First President has the greatest patriotic impulse which will consolidate all Kazakhstanis around the political course of the recognized leader, the greatest politician of our time — President Nursultan Nazarbayev.