Today the national currency tenge turned 20 years

Nov 15.

Today the national currency tenge turned 20 yearsToday is the 20th anniversary of the national currency tenge introduction. The first banknotes were printed in Europe, but it didn’t last long, Kazakhstani own banknote factory started in 1995. And 11 years after the company was opened, banknotes of the old pattern were changed to the new ones.

Lyazzat Sembieva, doctor of economics, professor of Finance in the Gumilev ENU:

“Tenge is one of the currencies which has its own quite serious security and takes medal places in different contests for its design. These are 10 000 denomination and 5 000 denomination. In addition to the fact that it’s one of the secured currencies, it takes medal places in international contests every year for its design”.

The first exhibition dedicated to tenge has been opened in the Museum of the First President. The exposition represents documents, photographs and video materials allowing to remember the 20-year history of establishment and strengthening of the national currency. Here one can also see the full collection of Kazakh numismatics – from the first samples of tenge and tyin to investment and collector’s coins.

Kulyaisha Aktayeva, deputy director of the Museum of First President of Kazakhstan:

“We started preparation a year and a half ago; we’ve been engaged in collection and arrangement. Here we would like to thank the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan which rendered possible assistance providing missing materials, first of all collector’s coins. In addition, assistance was provided by the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Archive. They provided some national documents, verbatim records and protocols, which in our opinion should be present at this exhibition”.

Kazakh tenge along with other symbols of the country is a true attribute of the sovereignty of the state and over 20 years it has passed the test in economical and social life of the country.