Breakthrough in energy sustainability

Nov 15. Kazpravda

By David Ozdoev

Breakthrough in energy sustainabilityKazakhstan is among six states with the highest energy security -this is the assessment of experts of the World Energy Congress Council.

Researches published in the open statement of the WEC show that Kazakhstan created such conditions when consumers have reliable access to energy they need and suppliers have access to customers. Our republic for the first time entered into the top ten countries and took the 6th place among 129 countries in the world, ahead of the United Kingdom (11th ) , United States ( 12th), China (18th) , Switzerland (19th place ), Spain (22nd), Turkey (24th), Germany (31st) , United Arab Emirates (49th) .

Also it is necessary to note a high level of availability of electricity for the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this category Kazakhstan confidently took the 35th position, far surpassing the United Arab Emirates (37th) , Hungary (42) , Mexico (47) , Russia (61), Latvia (72 place) , Ukraine ( 73rd), Bulgaria (77th ), Turkey (82nd) and China ( 101) .

Along with that, as a result of social responsibility to conserve resources and reduce waste generated, the compilers of the international ranking noted high level of environmental friendliness of energy industry of Kazakhstan. The application of new technologies, among other measures aimed at minimal detrimental impact on the environment, puts the country at once by three positions up: Kazakhstan took the 116th place in the rating of environmental sustainability. The next are Kuwait (122nd) and China (126th).

In general, in the index of energy sustainability Kazakhstan is 58th.

Five countries — Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Spain occupy the highest positions in the rating AAA in all three directions this year.

Chairman of the State Energy Supervision and Control Committee of RK MINT Arman Turlubek commented on the news of the WEC ranking.

– Undoubtedly, the top positions in the ranking, compiled by the World Energy Council is the achievement of goals set by the head of state in 10 global challenges of the Strategy » Kazakhstan -2050 «. The Republic improves its positions in the ranking of global energy community from year to year, and today’s results — 6th and 35th places confirm that. This is not the limit, as we have significant reserves to further breakthrough in energy stability.