Kazakhstan completes harvesting – MA RK


Kazakhstan completes harvesting - MA RKToday, harvesting of grain crops approaches to an end, 98.6% of grain crops are cleaned, the Ministry of Agriculture reports for the Primeminister.kz website.

“Today cleaning of grain crops approaches to an end, 98.6% of grain crops are cleaned,” the department message read.

So, as of November 7 this year agricultural producers collected 20.7 million tons of grain crops, average productivity of grain crops made 13.3 c/hectare that is 3.8 c/hectare higher than an indicator of the last year.

Wheat of the second class makes 4.5 million tons of the arrived volume of soft wheat (5.2 million tons) on the grain receiving stations 0.7%, – the third class (87.5 %).

“The share of the third class isn’t lower than the last year’s indicators that as a whole characterize grain of a new crop on quality as good, despite existence of an adverse temperature mode,” Ministry of Agriculture said.

It should be noted that leaders on a crop are Akmola, Kostanai and North Kazakhstan regions which collected 15.1 million tons of grain from the 12 ml hectare area. Also in the current year the good harvest of grain crops is in the East Kazakhstan region – 1 ml tons, Karaganda – 0.8 ml tons and Pavlodar – 0.9 ml tons.