Kazakh PM opens II International Transport & Logistics Business Forum


Kazakh PM opens II International Transport & Logistics Business Forum“Kazakhstan – New Silk Road” II international transport – logistical business forum has been opened in Astana. The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov is taking part in the event.

The event is attended by over 300 delegates – the heads of the national railway companies of Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia as well as the chairmen of the leading transport and logistics enterprises of the European Union and CIS.

The forum will discuss the results of the measures taken by the state for the development of transport – logistical systems. Considerable attention will be paid to the interaction of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus in the framework of the Common Economic Space and the creation of an integrated transport – logistics company of the Customs Union.

“Carrying out such a large-scale transport – logistics forum in Kazakhstan is the momentous event in the revival of the Great Silk Road. I am confident that the projects to be discussed at the forum will give new impetus to the development of transport – logistical system in Kazakhstan”, Serik Akhmetov read a welcome address by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the participants of the conference.

According to experts about 3 billion people live on the territory of “Silk Road”. The project “Kazakhstan – New Silk Road” provides for the establishment of transport – logistical system of international level based on attracting traffic to the Eurasian continent by establishing effective channels to deliver any cargo by any transport from origin to destination through the territory of Kazakhstan.


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We intend to create a transport-logistics system of internat’l level – Mamin


The project called “Kazakhstan – New Silk Road ” provides a transport and logistics system of international level. This has been stated by the president of ‘KazakhstanTemirZholy’ JSC Askar Mamin .

According to him, the system will be focused on attracting traffic to the Eurasian continent by establishing effective channels of delivery of any goods by any mode of transport from origin to destination through the territory of Kazakhstan.

“For this Kazakhstan is implementing large-scale projects for modernization and development of transport and logistics complex “, said A. Mamin.

The head of KazakhstanTemirZholy informed that the total length of new lines launched and introduced in 2014 reaches 2500 km. They are to optimize the configuration of the international transport corridors in the directions – East-West and North-South.


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Dry cargo marine company will be established by year end -KazakhstanTemirZholy


In Kazakhstan before the end of the year for the first time there will be created a sea dry cargo company. It has been stated today by Askar Mamin, President of KazakhstanTemirZholy.

In addition, he said that in December 2014 the project to expand the Aktau seaport would have been completed, and the airport infrastructure was being upgraded, and within 2 years the network of logistic A and B centers with participation of the private sector would have been formed.

“Outside Kazakhstan there are activities to form a network of transport and logistics facilities in the centers of the consolidation and distribution of transit traffic and centers for promotion of Kazakhstan’s exports. In particular, the infrastructure is being created by the terminal in the port of Lianyungang, western China, under consideration are the projects in Central Europe, the Baltic and Black Sea regions, and in the Persian Gulf “, said Mr. Mamin.

He also reminded of the actual project on construction of road “Western Europe – Western China” stretching 2,787 km, which is scheduled to complete in 2015.

The total investment in modernization and development of transport infrastructure and logistics assets to 2020 is more than 60 billion U.S. dollars.


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Kazakhstan sets the task of being 40th in World Bank LPI


Kazakhstan sets the task to climb in the World Bank LPI (Logistics Performance Index) from rank 86 to rank 40, stated the president of  Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC Askar Mamin.

“One of the key factors in implementation of the New Silk Road strategy is to accelerate the progress of the necessary skills. For this we have formed alliances with world leaders in the field of operation of logistic infrastructure, such as the global operator of port terminal infrastructure Dubai Port World (DP World), a global provider of airports, airport and aviation services Swissport International, as well as Zurich Airport and others”, Mr. Mamin said in the course of II international transportation and logistics business forum  in Atana titled “Kazakhstan – New Silk Road”.

According to him, together with the company «DP World» the Kazakh company has designed a general line of vehicle interaction with the seaport of Aktau and its linkage with the project called “Khorgos – East Gate” in the organization of global supply and integration of our infrastructure services into the world trade and transport chain. “Consolidation of airport management will improve the efficiency of management and create conditions to increase  passenger and cargo traffic in 2030 in 5-6 times in comparison with 2012”, said Mamin.

He also said that in 2030 passenger traffic in Kazakhstan will increase from 8 to 42 million passengers a year, and cargo – from 107 to 700 thousand tons respectively.