Environment one for all

Nov 01. Kazpravda. Pavlodar

By Sergei Gorbunov

Environment one for allThe ENRC (Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation) puts ecology protection on par with production.

The press conference on the environmental performance of ENRC companies, working in the region was first held by its corporate communications department in Pavlodar. It was attended by the ENRC chief executive Felix Vulis, president of Kazakhstan Aluminum JSC Almaz Ibragimov and director of Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Arman Esenzhulov. Such a representative quorum was not accidental, with the environmental problems coming to the fore in Kazakhstani regions, and given that the ENRC companies had a success story in the environment protection to tell to representatives of regional and national media. It was also a good occasion to clarify the situation in the wake of accusations in media, that the company was polluting Pavlodar ecology.

It has to be said that neither Felix Vulis, nor the leaders of the three major productions of the region were sugarcoating the situating or withholding anything in responses to the questions from the media. They gist of the answers was: there is one environment for all, and the corporation is interested in normal environmental conditions for Pavlodar dwellers and the company staff to live and work in.

Felix Vulis said the company, being public and working for export, adheres to strict international accountability and independent expertise in all its activity areas, ecological including. Therefore, all the corporation’s businesses are interested in consistency of environmental protection in Kazakhstan with the international standards, so that it did not fall short of them. The company channeled more than $ 150 million over the first 9 months of this year for this end. The Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation supports the policy of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the transition to green economy and is actively involved in the “green upgrades”. In 2012, for one, their expenses on the environmental protection made 230 million dollars. (Cf.: in 2005 the sum was 68 million dollars.) More than half of these funds were invested in Pavlodar businesses.

More specified reports were made by Pavlodar subsidiaries’ leaders of the ENRC.

So, the president of Kazakhstan Aluminum JSC Almaz Ibragimov said that over 1995- 2000, all the dust extraction installations at their TPP were replaced by more advanced ones, whose effect is 99.5 % (cf.: of the old units it was 96-97 %). On the sintering furnaces of Kazakhstan Aluminum’s main production, 4 filters of foreign make were installed, which in total cost them (the filters and installation works) 18 million dollars.

From 2002 to 2008 the company also installed two electric filters on the calciners, whose effect is 99.99 %. Thanks to all these measures the plant’s emissions decreased from 79 thousand tons in 1998 to 55 tons in 2012. And all these emissions are not toxic.

Kazakhstan Aluminum Smelter (KAS) JSC is built on latest technologies and works on reputable world companies’ equipment, gas scrubbers including. Almaz Ibragimov underscored that electrolysis process is not possible technologically without such scrubbers, and it is the only installation of this kind in Kazakhstan. The degree of purification of gas-cleaning equipment is over 99.4 %. As a result, the emissions are 5-10 times less than of similar plants in CIS. The industrial pollutant emissions do not exceed the limits.

Director of Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Arman Esenzhulov told the meeting that all the furnaces at the plant are equipped with dust and gas filters. These ecology protection measures were started in 2004 and continue to this day. Installation of slag processing pollution control equipment is under finalization.

Before 1995, their expenses on environmental protection made 20 thousand dollars, whereas the conservation program 2012, for one, made 20 million dollars.

Other implemented and planned measures were named at the press conference.

Felix Vulis said in the end that he could cite a lot of evidence of their responsible attitude to environmental protection and industrial safety. -We are an open company and for two years already are publishing in the press full reports on our environmental and social performance , which is confirmed by independent parties. We offer an opportunity to journalists and environmentalists to visit our productions to make sure that we observe all the requirements. The invitation was accepted.