Kazakhstan citizens will be fingerprinted for Schengen visa


Kazakhstan citizens will be fingerprinted for Schengen visaThe citizens of Kazakhstan will be fingerprinted for getting a Schengen visa, the press service of the Embassy of Germany in Kazakhstan reports.

“From November 14, 2013 «VIS» system will be implemented in Kazakhstan. In this regard, at first application for a Schengen visa an applicant’s personal appearance will be required for the purpose of collecting biometric data”, the German Embassy’s statement reads.

In connection with the introduction of VIS system the following changes will occur:

– At first time applying for a visa for the collection of biometric data (fingerprints and photographs of ten fingers) the personal appearance of the applicant is required.

– Subsequent applications for visa within five years do not require personal appearance of the applicant as data of the applicant, stored in VIS database, may be used again.

– At the entrance to the territory of the Schengen border the agencies have the ability to verify the identity of the entering through access to VIS database.

– The following persons are exempt from fingeprinting: – children under 12 years; – persons from whom it is not possible to take fingerprints due to physical limitations; – the Heads of States and Governments, members of the national government as well as their accompanying persons: spouses and members of official delegations who should be invited by the Government of Schengen Treaty member-states or international organizations within the framework of the official visit.

It bears to remind that the Schengen area includes 26 European countries, which have joined the agreement signed in Schengen (Luxembourg) in 1985. Among them are Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland and others.