‘Steppe Brotherhood’ book translated from Kazakh presented in Moscow


'Steppe Brotherhood' book translated from Kazakh presented in MoscowThe Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia has presented ‘Steppe Brotherhood’ of Yury Shcherbakov, translation from the Kazakh language.

The book is a compilation of a number of works by well-known Kazakh literary classics, including Abay, Shakarim Kudaiberdiev, Zhusupbek Aimautov, Magzhan Zhumabaev, as well as a number of contemporary writers. The collection of translations is dedicated to  190th anniversary of kuishi Kurmangazi Sagyrbaev.

According to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Galym Orazbakov, translations of famous Kazakhstan writers into  the Russian language will allow a wider audience to learn more about the soul of the Kazakh people, their history, traditions and culture. “This work was yet another confirmation of friendship and good neighborliness between the two countries and peoples, and contributed to strengthening and deepening of cultural relations of Kazakhstan and Russia”,  said the head of the diplomatic mission.

The author Yury Shcherbakov, who arrived specially for the occasion from Astrakhan, said that the collection was released in early June this year and presented for the first time at home in the village of Kurmangazi called Altynzhar in Astrakhan region.

Yu.Scherbakov added that in 2011 he published the book titled “Poems of friends” , which includes many works of Kazakh writers. However, at the suggestion of his colleague – a Kazakh poet Nazarbek Shnanova living in the Astrakhan region – he began to translate the classics.

He said that the book was published in “Literary newspaper” in 2013 with circulation – 1000 copies, which are mainly sold in the Astrakhan and Atyrau regions.