The contribution of Kazakhstan to regional security

Oct 22. Kazpravda


The contribution of Kazakhstan to regional securityMajilis deputy Abai Tasbulatov and Senator Mukhtar Altynbaev took part in the 59th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Dubrovnik (Croatia) from 11 to 14 October.

The agenda included a wide range of security issues, such as NATO’s cooperation with Central Asia, the Syrian crisis, the role of NATO in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops in 2014, the issues of strategic defense and more.

Taking into account the relevance of the topics, MPs participated in the work of the Committee of Defence and Security, the Political Committee, as well as in the final plenary session.

In the Committee of Defence and Security in particular, the increasing strategic importance of Asia, including on security issues in the region was noted. At the same time it was stressed that the situation in Afghanistan brought the Central Asian republics to the center of international attention. All states in the region interested in the stability of Afghanistan can make a significant contribution to achieve this goal and Kazakhstan’s role in resolving the situation in Afghanistan through participation in humanitarian programs and provision of transit through the republic was especially marked.

The outcome of each section was the development of a strategy for further presence of the coalition forces in Afghanistan by maintaining a limited contingent, training and technical equipping of local security forces.

NATO Secretary General A.F. Rasmussen stressed that the conflict in Syria can not be solved by military intervention and called for a diplomatic solution of Syrian crisis.

During the session, a number of bilateral meetings were held. Thus President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly H. Bailey highlighted Kazakhstan’s significant contribution to the regional security and stability, as well as fruitful cooperation of Kazakhstan in the transit of NATO cargoes from Afghanistan. He also noted the importance of the official visit of Vice-President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly K. Lamers to Kazakhstan in September last year.

At the meeting with the head of the Russian delegation S. Ozerov, the crisis in Syria, the situation in Afghanistan, as well as the issues of Kazakh-Russian inter-parliamentary cooperation in the military-political sphere were discussed. Particularly they noted the importance of deepening of inter-parliamentary relations between Kazakhstan and Russia.

The forum was attended by 340 parliamentarians from 28 countries.