Presentation in Cologne

Oct 11. Kazpravda

By Sergey OSANOV

Presentation in CologneDomestic food manufacturers presented their products to European consumers. Food products made in Kazakhstan were presented with the assistance of Kaznex Invest at a single national stand at the exhibition ANUGA held in the German city — Cologne.

The visitors of the largest trade fair in Europe tasted honey from LLP «Sun Bee», juices and energy drinks produced by Raimbek Bottlers, national meat delicacies from the LLP «Bijan» — smoked kazy, zhaya and other meat products and sausages which are already widely known in Germany and chocolate of candy factory «Rahat». In addition, the national stand exposes linseed oil of the LLP «Zharkol-007?, sunflower oil from the farm «Karzhau» as well as a large assortment of pasta from «Tsesna» corporation and its flour production.

The main advantage of food manufactured in Kazakhstan is their environmental friendliness and naturalness, so the slogan of the national stand sounds like Eat Ecological.

First International Exhibition of food products and beverages ANUGA was organized in 1924 and since then it has been regularly held every two years.