From idea to business model

Oct 08. Kazpravda

By Rysty Alibekova

From idea to business modelOctober 12, 2013 «Astana Hackathon» — 24-hour marathon of hacking will start in Astana.

The First Hackathon was held in the U.S. in 1999 and over the years it has become a popular format of IT- events. This is the second marathon of innovators and programmers in Kazakhstan, held after the international conference Smart Astana.

– This event may be one of the most effective tools to support small business and innovation development in Kazakhstan, as it creates the most favorable conditions to help an idea to become a business model, — said deputy head of the «Administration of FEZ «Astana — new city» Erken Aitbaev. — Similar events are held by Astana administration to support the youth initiatives in programming and online media, to allow them to realize their business ideas in IT.

«Astana Hackathon» promises to become a new platform for those interested in programming and information technology, it will help find the talented schoolchildren, students and professionals, to study interesting and promising projects, to find investors and business partners.

Managing Director of JSC “Astana Innovations” Mukhtar Mankeev said the first «Astana Hackathon» was attended by more than 100 participants from Astana and other regions of Kazakhstan. This year’s contest is dedicated to the topics «Smart Astana» and «EXPO -2017?.

The winners of the 24-hour marathon will receive cash prizes and gifts for special categories. The total prize fund is 1 million tenge.

It is expected that the international mentors from the U.S., Russia and Ukraine will take part in it. Master classes of experts in business, innovation and new technologies are to be held.